Willow Smith is the face of Mugler’s Alien Goddess fragrance – Interview

ALLURE: Specific products?

WS: [I Love Dr. Jart+]. Hydrating face masks are my everything. I have incorporated this into my skin care routine at least twice a week.

Dr. Jart + Dermask Soothing Hydrating Waterjet Solution

ALLURE: I also want to talk a bit about your group, Anxiety. You’ve all had a ton of buzz. When I was a teenager (a long time ago!) I was very fond of emo. Seeing you give that alternative rock aesthetic… I would have liked to have had this representation in 2004!

WS: My mom and Straight Line Stitch lead singer were the only two black women I knew who sang rock music. Oh! and Fefe Dobson. These three were the only ones and we need more than three!

I just hope after I release this album more black girls are like, you know what, eff it – I want to do that too. I wanna play guitar, I wanna play bass, I wanna sing, I wanna scream, I wanna play drums, I wanna do this shit. We need more of us.

ALLURE: Especially in a genre that really comes from us.

WS: We have been so brainwashed by stereotypes. Sister Rosetta Tharpe, [was] one of the first black female electric guitarists so long ago, when it wasn’t accepted, when women weren’t even allowed to play electric guitar like that. The women played acoustics and the men played electrics. Sister Rosetta Tharpe was like, eff that, I’m gonna pick up that electric and thrash guitar and sing the blues, honey! Even though he was inspired by the blues, it was rocky. When I tell that to a lot of black people, they don’t know. We must remember. We have to remember we did this shit. We must remember that we were the beginning.

ALLURE: It’s interesting how we sometimes give up on some of the things we create. Who says black girls don’t rock and roll? Look at Tina Turner. Tina Turner in particular was like, I wanna do rocky music, because that’s what I do.

Seeing someone who looks like you do that music – I really think a lot of girls feel seen and feel more open and inclined to embrace that part of themselves. The rock and roll aesthetic is amusing. This shit is so cool.

WS: It’s so much fun and everyone should be able to live their best rock and roll life. No one should be left out, because of the color of their skin or the texture of their hair or whatever.

You can pick up a bottle of Alien Goddess for $ 85 for 30ml, $ 120 for 60ml, $ 170 for 90ml, $ 32 for a 10ml travel size and $ 150 for the 100ml eco-refill. , from July 23. muglerusa.com, online at Sephora and Ulta Beauty on August 1 and in stores on August 15.

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