This Turkish village is made up of 500 abandoned Disney-style castles

A strange ghost town made up of abandoned Disneyland-style castles exists in Turkey. You can watch an excerpt here:

Burj Al Babas, located near Mudurnu, was designed to be a luxury development of 732 three-story villas costing $ 200 million (£ 148,959,000).

All the properties have been designed with a very distinctive look with Gothic turrets, expansive balconies and large windows.

Developers Sarot Group, which was behind the project, hoped wealthy Gulf tourists would appropriate the units as vacation homes.

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In addition to the unusual residential properties, the Sarot Group also wanted to build a central complex that would include a cinema, shopping center, spa, sports facilities and various other amenities.

Construction began in 2014 with the luxury homes selling for between $ 370,000 (£ 275,574) and $ 530,000 (£ 394,741) – and it’s off to a good start with about half of the properties sold up front.

The team behind the project initially said it would be completed in about four years.

However, in 2018 sales started to decline and the developers behind the complex were declared bankrupt before its completion, meaning there are now around 530 partially built homes left on the land.

Speaking in 2018, Mehmet Emin Yerdelen, chairman of the Sarot Group, said the collapse of the project was due to people refusing to pay for the houses they bought.

How the developers wanted the interiors of the houses to look.  Credit: Sarot Group
How the developers wanted the interiors of the houses to look. Credit: Sarot Group

He told Hurriyet Daily News: “We were unable to secure approximately $ 7.5 million (£ 5,585,662) in receivables for the villas we sold to the Gulf countries.

“We applied for bankruptcy protection, but the court declared bankruptcy. We will appeal the decision.”

And he seemed hopeful that bankruptcy wasn’t the end of the complex, adding, “The total value of the project is around $ 200 million.

“We still have 250 villas completed and ready to be put up for sale. Selling only 100 of them would be enough to pay off debts and complete the project.

Credit: Alamy
Credit: Alamy

“We believe that we will overcome the crisis in four or five months. We plan to open the premises partly in 2019.”

Unfortunately for him, this plan did not come to fruition and the project remains abandoned.

Today the area has become an attraction in its own right, with visitors keen to take a peek around the abandoned village.

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