There’s someone inside your house has a bad guy problem

The big slasher reveal in There’s Someone Inside Your House from Netflix proves the movie has a problem with its villain.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for There’s Someone Inside Your Home, now streaming on Netflix.

In Netflix There is someone in your house, Makani (Sydney Park) and his team are blown away by the shocking revelation that the slasher from the small town of Osborne, Nebraska is, in fact, one of them. The person murdered high school teens while posting their darkest and most intimate secrets online to expose how two-faced everyone is. However, as the plan unfolds, the film reveals a major issue with its villain.

The finale reveals that it was Makani’s friend Zach who killed the sportsman, Jackson, the racist, Katie, his capitalist father, Skipper, and the drug addict, Rodrigo. He’s even set to kill Makani, because he hates the way she changed her identity after a hazing incident where she nearly burned a girl alive.

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Zachariah kills everyone in Netflix There's someone inside your house

However, Zach’s plan has no real motive, which makes it quite inconsistent. Rodrigo, for example, took drugs and became addicted to pills to cope with an abusive household, so it doesn’t make sense for Zach to kill his boyfriend. Of course, Zach wants to purge the city of bad seeds, but Rod isn’t one of them. Additionally, Zach ultimately tells Makani that, even though he wants to clean up the city, he still wants to enjoy his privilege and rights in the form of Skipper’s inheritance. But that does not hold because he accuses his father of being a white supremacist, of not wanting to end up like him.

It’s a strange double standard, initially with the impression that he hates the Nazis, showing his classmates what his father did by using the Third Reich to generate wealth. But going from awake to a spoiled child in search of power and control is contradictory and erases any semblance of character development Zach had.

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Ollie is vilified for no reason in There's Someone Inside Your House

Finally, the film never clarifies his plan to frame Makani. He wants to pin Skipper’s death and all the other killings on her in the cornfield in the finale, but seeing as he’s tried to kill her before, he feels like he’s winging it as he goes. to measure. In fact, Makani surviving his attack and then finding him and his father dead is nothing more than pure, stupid luck. It portrays Zach as a fraudster who doesn’t know what it really is.

See how Zach’s plan falls apart in There’s Someone Inside Your House, now streaming on Netflix.

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