The bride wears a crown and a garland in ‘Golgappa’, VIDEO VIRAL –

Indian wedding style is known for its rituals and culture. From the ring ceremony to the wedding, the only thing that blooms is the rituals that take place throughout the wedding. So far in every wedding we have seen garlands, made of flowers. But there is this viral video on the internet that is winning everyone’s hearts. Which could change your mind, when it comes to your wedding.

The bride donned a garland with Golgappa

Among the various Indian snacks, Golgapa hold a special place in everyone’s heart. Pani Puri are small, crispy fried balls made with flour when filled with tamarind water. When mixed with different flavors of stuffing, gives appetizing results at the end. The Golgapa are unofficially the kings of the chaat. But what if the bride wears jewelry made by donning “Golgappas” together?

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Yes, the bride used these golgappas as a jewelry accessory during her wedding and the video has now gone viral on social media. A makeover page by makeup artist, PEARLS Beauty Lounge & Academy, shared a video of a bride named Akshaya who is all motivated for her wedding rituals.

However, instead of garlands of flowers, one can see a golgappa wreath used and placed on his forehead. Not only that, she is also seen wearing a golgappa garland. The caption says, “Indian wedding games are truly a traditional and essential part of Indian wedding extravagance!” However, the video was shared a few weeks ago, but it recently went viral on social media and not only amused pani puri lovers but also being the brides.

The GolGappa Bride

As Indians, especially girls, love Golgapa, they can handle everything, but cannot deny Golgappa. We can therefore say that the golgappas are unofficially the kings of the chaat. And any Indian wedding function is surely incomplete without these golgappas. We must have met people at the chaat stall or people who eat Golgappa and enjoy its flavor. But no one has seen the case where a bride, instead of eating the crispy pani puri, wore golgappas on her head and around her neck.

The video has garnered nearly 4.9 million views – and the numbers are only growing every day. People are commenting while reacting to the clip. One user wrote: “A dream wedding”. Another wrote: “Dedicated to pani puri lovers.” Another user wrote: “perfect for panipuri lovers”. While another user wrote “Wow” on Instagram. “Pani puri,” shared another with a grinning emoticon. A few also shared fire emojis to express their reactions.

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