The 20 Best Things to Do in Dallas This Week (10 / 4-10 / 10).

This week in Dallas you can float, put a little bounce in your step, pay homage to RBG, and run like hell from Longhorns and Sooners. More more !

It’s finally October, everyone! In other words: we have officially reached the most wonderful time of the year.

To celebrate the start of a spooky season, we’ve thought to launch this collection of the best Dallas area events this week with a handful of underrated and spooky songs that will fit right into your Halloween playlists. Why? Because, frankly, society as a whole needs to get more creative with Halloween music.

So, before we get into this week’s recap, here’s a list of 10 songs to rock this month that aren’t “Thriller” or “Monster Mash” or another overplayed song of the season:

  • “Charlie’s Inferno” by this handsome devil. While the upbeat, upbeat backing track here sounds like elevator music, it contrasts disturbingly with its darker lyrics, which tell the story of a man wrongly condemned to hell.
  • “Zomby Woof” by Frank Zappa. It’s just a quintessential Zappa track. It’s complex, explosive, and bizarre, and it does a great job of capturing the country side of Halloween.
  • Shannon’s “Strange Wind” and the clams. The rockabilly sound of this band is reminiscent of the B-52s or the Cramps, making their aesthetic a perfect fit for a spooky playlist.
  • “Body & Blood” by cutting. Sounds of metal clattering and power tools, plus Daveed Diggs’ sharp lyrical lyrics about female cannibals? What’s not to love about a gothic rap song like this?
  • “Dead Man’s Bones” from Dead Man’s Bones. This whole album – by Ryan Gosling in part – is perfect for Halloween, although its title song is particularly good to start with.
  • “You are dead” by Norma Tanega. Folky and macabre, that opening song of the vampire fantasy comedy series What we do in the shadows serves the American Gothic peak.
  • Tom Waits’ “Earth is Dead Screaming”. The percussion here sounds like it is played with bones. Meanwhile, Waits’ iconic gruff voice soars to peaks and valleys with a spooky story of agony. Just a really good October listen.
  • “Cold Freezin ‘Night” by The Books. This duo use samples of old cassettes found in thrift stores to create what they describe as “collage music”. This particular track features real-life mystery kids saying disturbing things, proving kids could be the scariest Halloween monsters of all.
  • “Brutus” by The Buttress. While the Brutus Story might not be your typical Halloween tale, The Buttress’s use of the historical allusion mixed with the spooky delivery of his rap leads to a climax that will give you goosebumps. Plus, the video is super ghoulish.
  • “Ghost of Stephen Foster” by The Squirrel Nut Zippers. Here just classic vintage Halloween vibes – swing music and Fleischer cartoons.

Happy fall everyone!

Monday (October 4)

ZZ Top at Dickies Arena (Fort Worth)
Part of the venue’s Legends 2021 concert series, this show will benefit the University of North Texas Health Sciences Center at Fort Worth. The performance will also serve as a space to pay tribute to the band’s late bassist Dusty Hill, a native of Dallas, who died aged 72 on July 28.

Tuesday (October 5)

Band of Horses and Robert Ellis at House of Blues
The indie band from Seattle is the perfect soundtrack for strolling barefoot through a misty forest. Before you live out your basic cottage fantasy, however, slip into something more jazz with Fort Worth singer-songwriter Robert Ellis – and taste a Topo Chico while you’re at it.

Manchester Orchestra at Amplified Live
This indie rock band from Atlanta (not Manchester) just released their latest album, The millions of masks of God, last spring, and it’s full of dark introspection that is softened by many moments of hope. If you haven’t been following this band’s releases, you may have heard their music in the 2016 film, Swiss army man, for which they made the entire score.

Flogging Molly, Violent Femmes, Me First & The Gimme Gimmes and Thick at the Southside Ballroom
Just a few genre icons sharing the headliner atop this tour offering, that’s okay! Choose your poison: “Drunken lullabies” Where “Blister in the sun”?

Bob Mold at the Granada Theater
Mold has been in vogue since the early 1980s, when he co-founded the famous punk band Hüster Dü. Since then, he has flown mostly solo as a singer-songwriter, with the exception of two albums by another of his bands, Sugar. Recently, he revisited Hüster Dü’s hit “I Apologize” with the musical efforts of comedian Fred Armisen.

Wednesday (October 6)

John Legend at the Texas Trust CU Theater (Grand Prairie)
The pop artist, The voice The EGOT judge and winner will be in Grand Prairie for his “Bigger Love” tour. In addition to his music career, Legend is also an activist, having just announced the launch of HUMANLEVEL, an initiative designed to help communities feeling the effects of institutionalized racism. Rightly, its 2020 Greatest love The album is filled with songs written in response to George Floyd’s murder.

Waves at Amplified Live
Let yourself be transported to the Californian coast and live your new life as a beach attendant. Frontman Nathan Williams has been a prominent figure in musical gossip for the past few years, whether through his ban on Trump supporters from Wavves broadcasts Where be criticized for his passive work as a landlord.

Torres at Deep Ellum Art Co.
Influenced by Stevie Knicks and musical theater, Torres knows how to rise in power during her shows. His 2021 album more thirsty came 18 months after 2020 Silver tongue, and both were acclaimed. Additionally, both albums feature a Torres artwork as painted by his girlfriend, Jenna Gribbon.

Thursday (October 7)

Modest mouse and islands of the future at the Toyota Music Factory pavilion (Irving)
Let good times kill you with this dynamic indie couple. Longtime rockers Modest Mouse just released their new album The golden coffin, while the special guest Future Islands has just released a new single called “Peach”. Also, I’m super jealous of whoever goes to this one because Modest Mouse is my all-time favorite band.

Big Freedia at the Granada Theater
This larger than life artist is truly a trailblazer in being one of the best known artists for helping to make music flourish outside of his New Orleans home. She has collaborated over the years with Lizzo, Beyoncé, New Kids on The Block and RuPaul, and has been sampled by Drake and Beyonce. She was also the subject of her own reality series Fuse, Big Freedia: the rebound queen.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg Concert at the Dallas Symphony Orchestra
The Dallas Symphony Orchestra honors the late and great Ruth Bader Ginsburg a year after her death last September. Besides being a Supreme Court judge, RBG was also passionate about classical music. This concert will feature the world premiere of all-new material by composer Ellen Taaffe Zwilich, the first woman to win the Pulitzer Prize for music.

Flatland Cavalry at Lava Cantina (The Colony)
These cowboys send out the cavalry and bring you a blend of folk-country-Americana in the process. Can’t do this show? The Colony isn’t the band’s only stop in Texas on this tour. Catch them in five other towns across the state over the next few days, including their hometown of Lubbock.

Friday (October 8)

Lake Street Dive at the Factory in Deep Ellum
The group says they “embody democracy” because of their mix of genres. In turn, you’ll get elements of indie, jazz, country, soul, and folk in their music – all snippets that reveal the tastes and upbringing of each member of the quartet, who have mastered the music since their time. childhood.

Joshua Ray Walker at the Granada Theater
The beloved Dallas country musician is releasing his new album in the only city that makes sense. As much as he receives praise for not being afraid of being emotionally vulnerable in his words, the dude has a great sense of humor as well. Need proof? Take a look at his country cover of “Hello” by Lionel Richie, which includes a shot for shot iPhone remake of the original clip.

Saturday (October 9)

Rival Sons at House of Blues
The blues rock band will be at home in this place. Expect powerful vocals and guitar riffs from this group that has become an undeniable force in modern rock. In 2020, for example, the group Wild bones LP earned a Grammy nomination for Best Rock Album.

Borgore at Stereo Live
Originally from Israel, Yosef Asaf Borger does it all. He’s an EDM producer, DJ, rapper, singer and multi-instrumentalist who takes a page from the book of almost any genre for his own music. He also has his own music label, Buygore Records. He also just released his latest single, “I do not care.”

The Red River Showdown at the Cotton Bowl
Wow, sport! It’s that time of year when historic football rivals Texas and Oklahoma face off once again here in Dallas. Last year was the biggest game in history – with the victory going to Oklahoma.

Sunday (October 10)

Rick Ross, Jeezy, Gucci Mane, 2Chainz, Fabolous, Boozie Badazz and DJ Drama at the American Airlines Center
This “Legendz of the Streetz Tour” range is absolutely stacked. So, no, they’re not throwing the term “legends” for nothing. See all of these hip-hop heavyweights under one roof, including formerly rivals Gucci Mane and Jeezy as a pleasant surprise.

Metalachi to trees
Metal plus mariachi is equal to Metalachi. Yes, that’s exactly what it sounds like – a mariachi band that covers classic metal and rock n roll songs – and you need them in your life. Besides having some of the best outfits on stage you’ve ever seen, Metalachi also intersects their setlists with comedic breaks. There is also an element of comedy and tons of fun in their act, but the level of musical prowess is astonishing.

Hunny to Dada
This dreamy dancing indie outfit has released three singles so far this year. “Daydreams / crushes”, “Xbox Luvr” and “Sport with strangers” all of them took an aggressive pop-punk turn, which is a slight departure from the band’s old indie-dream-pop vibe. But do not worry ; you can still dance around your room.

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