Teethgrynder shares new gothic and chamber folk song, “Not Lonely”, with Jaye Jayle

On October 29, Teethgrynder, the solo project of Scottish musician Jay Thurley, will be released Hostages Going through Isolation records. The album features guest appearances from members of Bossk, Filth is Eternal and Fall of Efrafa, and today Thurley shared a new single from the album, “Not Lonely,” starring Jaye Jayle’s Evan Patterson. The song is a rustic yet graceful gothic and melodic chamber music piece. And his video, all in black and white, follows an old man in his rural home, brushing his teeth, working in his shed, drinking whiskey, and finally walking through a strangely strange wood. Find out below.

Patterson says of the track, “I have battles with depression and loneliness. Still, I like to be alone. I also have a bad valve in my heart. I worry sometimes. I don’t worry most of the time. I wrote these words on a tour a few years ago with the aspiration of eventually discovering a sense of content. At one point last year, I made a conscious choice to decide not to be controlled by my heart or my depression. And so far all is well. I feel good with all the things that I can control, as well as all the things that are beyond my control.

Jeff Terich

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