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WARNING: SPOILERS FUTURE FOR SPIDER-MAN NO WAY HOME. Tom Holland Marvel’s blockbuster ended with a mega battle at the Statue of Liberty between the five villains, Doctor Strange and the three Peter Parker. After healing the villains, they were ready to be sent home with Maguire and Garfield’s Spider-Mans. However, reality was shattering as more and more villains from across the multiverse began to form in the MCU.

Peter sacrificially suggested to Doctor Strange that he cast a spell so that everyone completely forgot who he was. So the bad guys wouldn’t know he was Spider-Man. The price to pay was that not only would the wizard forget, but also Ned and MJ.

In the end, that’s exactly what happened and Peter went to his girlfriend’s donut store to visit her when Ned also arrived.

As expected, neither of them knew who they were, let alone Spider-Man. It was as if they had never met.

Little did you notice what was written on the window of the donut store as Peter walked in with all his Christmas decorations?

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The window had a painting of a mug with “Peter Pan” written on it, as the scene was shot at the Peter Pan Donut & Pastry Shop in Brooklyn, near Queens where Spider-Man lives.

It might just be a coincidence for filming purposes, but it’s interesting that this sign wasn’t removed with CGI – especially when it might have some meaning.

First of all, stating the obvious, Peter Pan is very close to the name Peter Parker with a difference of four letters.

Second, they’re quite similar characters: a childish superhero who flies through the air on adventures with his special friend.

She continued, “Wendy is worried that if he forgets the stars so quickly, he will also forget his new friends, and indeed, ‘when he came back he didn’t remember them, at least not well.…’ I Wendy said, always if you see that I’m forgetting you, keep saying ‘I’m Wendy’, and then I’ll remember it. ‘

“But will he do it?” Forgetting is an essential part of Peter’s character, in that it keeps him from ever growing old.

It could be a long time, but maybe the window will inspire MJ to find out in Spider-Man 4 and help him remember his own Peter Pan. Or, maybe even Holland’s Web-Slinger has to forget everyone himself to stay Spider-Man? Given how wacky the last movie was, it seems like anything is possible.

Spider-Man: No Way Home is now available in theaters.

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