Spider-Man 4 can finally fix Raimi’s Spidey trilogy mistakes

The ending of Spider-Man: No Way Home puts the MCU’s Spider-Man 4 in a good place to correct mistakes made by Sam Raimi’s original Spider-Man trilogy.

Warning! SPOILERS for Spider-Man: No Path Home

The Marvel Cinematic Universe Spider-Man 4 can now fix Sam Raimi’s Spider Man trilogy errors, thanks to Spider-Man: No Path Home. Tom Holland’s latest Spider-Man solo movie has strong non-MCU ties Spider Man the films that preceded it. Whether it’s the MCU’s Spidey battling villains from past franchises or teaming up with Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Men, the film is as tied to the past as it focuses on setting up. of the future. Spider-Man: No Path HomePost-credits from, however, suggest Holland’s MCU future will include repair. Spider-man 3the Venom incident.


the Spider-Man: No Path Home post-credits scene shows the pursuit of Venom: let there be carnage‘s post-credits. Tom Hardy’s Venom is featured for a cameo, but he’s sent back into the Sony Universe instead of staying in the MCU. It comes after he learns more about the MCU’s many superheroes, including Holland’s Spider-Man. While Hardy and Holland don’t get the chance to interact here, the post-credits scene still teasing Venom is part of Spider-Man’s future. Some of the symbiote is left behind in the Mexico City bar as Venom leaves the MCU and is returned to the Sony universe. This indicates that Spider-Man 4 could bring a new take on Venom and Spider-Man’s relationship to the big screen.

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With MCUs Spider-Man 4 Set to include Venom, sequel has a chance to correct Sam Raimi’s mistakes Spider-man 3 done with the nasty symbiote. The comedic connection of Venom and Spider-Man is something that many have been waiting for years to see properly translated on the big screen. Spider-man 3The use of Venom wasn’t a complete disaster, but the film struggled to make the symbiote and Eddie Brock work in the story. It’s no secret that director Sam Raimi didn’t want Venom in Spider-man 3 and struggled to figure out the character, but Sony demanded that the symbiote villain appear. This resulted in the character not having enough time to be truly explored, resulting in a whiny version of Eddie Brock and a Peter Parker emo. that of Tom Hardy Venom The franchise fixed aspects of the character’s live portrayal, but the lack of connection to Spider-Man has always angered viewers.

Tom Holland Venom Spider-Man

With Spider-Man: No Path Home already tease that Spider-Man 4 or another movie in the new Dutch trilogy will include Venom, Marvel is already showing just how different – and hopefully better – their Venom / Spider-Man story will be. The remaining symbiote in Spider-Man: No Path HomeThe post credits show that the studios know this is where they want Peter’s story to go next. This should ensure that the MCU’s Venom isn’t rushed or marginalized like it was in Spider-man 3. The villain should be at the forefront of all discussions about Spider-Man 4The story of now, with Kevin Feige perhaps already knowing how he wants to differentiate the next Venom from what came before it.

Marvel Studios and Sony wouldn’t be accepting Venom as part of Spider-Man’s future in Holland if it wasn’t something they wanted to do. Not only has Spider-man 3 showed how bad it could go, but Tom Hardy is currently playing a version of the character that is generally liked. Spider-Man 4 Using Venom invites comparisons to the two versions, so there has to be a good idea of ​​how the MCU can make the character take a different turn. This could include anything from Tom Hardy playing a variant of Eddie Brock in the MCU or making Flash Thompson the one who gets the symbiote.

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