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Airtel Lanka, a subsidiary of international telecommunications giant Bharti Airtel Limited, recently revealed its intention to strategically expand its new 4G network across the island.

Thus, more than 400 new 4G sites have been put into service across the country, in addition to the more than 2,000 4G sites that Airtel added during the launch of its 4G.

New 4G sites are mapped to ensure increased capacity in heavily populated areas and coverage penetration in rural areas. Airtel’s 4G network is built on a triple layer network, giving it a strong combination of coverage and capacity to deliver a superior experience with significantly improved indoor coverage with stronger signal penetration.

Having already completed more than a third of the newly planned 4G sites, the completed sites are expected to cover over a million additional people. One of the main reasons the company has accelerated its expansion has been the doubling of data use since the pandemic brought a new normal.

“I am confident that our strategy of rapid expansion will directly benefit our consumers across the island, providing them with an updated and enhanced network experience through our world-class 4G capabilities. Until adequate or even excess coverage is achieved, we will continue our 4G expansion, with each location also 5G ready to seamlessly accommodate the next generation of network when the time comes, ”commented Ashish Chandra, CEO / MD of Airtel Lanka.

With this player, Airtel users will be able to enjoy a network experience like never before. As Airtel is also equipped with a prepaid and postpaid model updated with the recent launch of “Freedom Packs”, the launch of Airtel 4G is the phone company’s biggest investment in Sri Lanka since entering the island in 2009. Specially Designed 4G The network promises users a superior user experience, including 99% unbuffered streaming, significantly faster load times and improved indoor coverage with never lacking 4G signals.

From online learning to working from home to virtual socialization, every user, from children to adults, will benefit from no longer having to deal with call drops, interruptions or coverage issues.

In addition to the company-led expansion of island-wide coverage amplification, Airtel’s joint venture with the Sri Lanka Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (TRCSL) Gamata Sanniwedanaya aims to achieve 100% coverage across the island by 2022 by bridging the digital divide in rural districts with poor network. coverage, providing equal access to mobile connectivity for all Sri Lankans.

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