See what this former NBA star tweeted about Detroit Lions legend Calvin Johnson Jr.

Former Indiana Pacers star Jalen Rose tweeted Saturday about Detroit Lions legend Calvin Johnson Jr.

Rose’s Tweet can be seen in an embedded post below from her Twitter account.

Rose’s Tweet read: “MEGATRON.” (With five lion emojis).

Rose quoted to Tweet a Tweet from Johnson Jr. which can be seen in an embedded post below from Johnson’s Twitter account.

Johnson’s Tweet read: Michigan is our home. Detroit is our city and you Lions fans are our pride. #Michigan # Detroit #DetroitLions # HOF21. “

Johnson Jr. is inducted in 2021 into the Professional Football Hall of Fame and was honored at halftime of the Lions and Baltimore Ravens game on Sunday (see Lions Tweets below).

Rose played for the Denver Nuggets, Pacers, Chicago Bulls, New York Knicks, Toronto Raptors and Phoenix Suns during her 13-year career in the NBA, but is originally from Detroit, Michigan.

Johnson Jr. has played his entire NFL career for the Lions.

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