Same Free Game NFL Parlay Picks Thursday Night Football Today

Thursday Night Football doesn’t always have the best games of the week for the NFL. Tonight is a major exception, with the Kansas City Chiefs facing the Los Angeles Chargers in a vital clash with AFC West. This makes it a perfect opportunity to use OddsShopper to build a single NFL Parlay Picks game today. Using this fantastic site can help place smart bets in an easy to use way and maximize the return on investment from bets. It is really a simple bet since you can find the best bet in 30 seconds or less.

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Chiefs vs Chargers Same NFL Parlay Picks Game Today

The first step is to find which sport you are going to bet on, so that the banner at the top of the screen separates the sports. Once you are on the NFL page it is very easy to customize what you are looking for in terms of teams and players on the left side of the page.

Now, if you miss any of the ratings highlighted in the article because it has changed, don’t worry. The lines do not always stay the same because they are updated every two minutes. There will be examples of when you can still bet based on Awesemo’s projections. It’s also easy to sort the props based on the style you want to bet, meaning you can choose the highest ROI or the highest expected win rate.

As a general rule of thumb, the best approach is to combine the highest ROI with the expected success rate, and this whole process should take less than 30 seconds to filter what you’re looking for. The bets highlighted in the article can also be wagered individually, so if the bet misses a leg it is not a total loss. Let’s find out which are the best projected bets for Thursday Night Football and build some NFL parlay picks tonight.

Keenan Allen Over 6.5 receptions

The injury report contains important information for both teams tonight. On the Chiefs’ side, the cornerback The Jarius Sneed came out, and he’s been playing the slot machine for 61% of his snaps this season. This is a big boost to the prospects of Keenan Allen, who’s in the slot 52.2% of the time this season. Despite missing out last week, Allen is still sixth in targets (124), eighth in targets (27%) and fifth in receptions (86) this season. To recover Austin Ekeler isn’t expected to get his full workload with an ankle injury, and he has a target share of 15.3%, the fourth highest among running backs. Allen is in line for a lot of work tonight, and the Chiefs are missing their main defenseman in the slot. OddsShopper has an expected win rate of 52%, but some sportsbooks have more money. It’s a great way to increase ROI for the same game.

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Mike Williams over 54.5 receiving yards

OddsShopper attributes to this bet an expected winning rate of 62%, and Mike williams is projected over 70 meters. One of the most important injuries in this game is the defensive lineman Chris Jones for Kansas City. Him and Frank clark are critical to the Chiefs’ defensive renaissance of late, but Jones won’t be active tonight, making the pressure harder. Williams set to face the cornerback Charvarius district, who had a good season statistically. Ward allowed a 41.9% catch rate on 43 targets, but allowed 11.1 yards per reception. Williams is averaging 70.4 yards per game this year and he has a target share of 20.2%. Williams is also just outside the top 20 in yards per reception (15). This game has a high total of 52 points, and both offenses are expected to come and go.

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Patrick Mahomes for 279.5 passing yards

It is not very often that Patrick muhammad has such a low passing prop, and OddsShopper has a 62% win rate with this bet. He’s only averaged 280.2 yards this season and his deep 30.5% completion rate hasn’t helped him. However, Mahomes is third in attempts (502), and that likely won’t change tonight. The Chargers’ defense is not in full health either, as the two cornerbacks Asante Samuel Jr. and security Derwin james are questionable and have not practiced fully during the week. They also allow for a 63.1% completion rate, and Mahomes should be able to take advantage of that. What’s striking is that Mahomes is thrown over 300 yards, and that’s a huge gap according to OddsShopper.

Over 52 points in total

Combining these four stages would give a return of around +1256 according to Parlay d’Awesemo’s calculator, and the two infractions averaged 27 points each per game. With the two defenses squarely lacking in players or lining up players who are still playing injured, the offenses are well placed. They’re two of the best quarterbacks in football, and OddsShopper has an expected win rate of 63% by the end. Even though both defenses were at full strength, they’re 20th or lower in total DVOA, and this game should have a lot of fireworks.

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