I started this 4-year project in 2006 at Departamento de Botânica - Universidade Federal de São Carlos (UFSCar), where I work as a research associate. Papers originated from this project are available in my personal website.


Official title

Frugivory and seed dispersal in bats of the family Phyllostomidae (Mammalia: Chiroptera)


Sponsor: FAPESP, through the program 'Yough Researchers in Emerging Centers'.

Main objective: to describe the structure and to understand mechanisms that regulate bat-fruit interactions at different levels, from individuals to communities.

Specific objectives:

1. To test hypotheses based on the optimal foraging theory, in order to understand mechanisms that determine fruit selection by bats at the levels of species, individual plants and fruits;

2. Based on the theory of seed dispersal, to test hypotheses on how bats may help or harm plants by consuming fruits and removing seeds;

3. Using the theory of complex networks, to investigate the structure, dynamics and fragility of bat-fruit interactions at community level, in the context of mutualisms between free-living organisms.




Main collaborators:

  • Dr. Paulo Roberto Guimarães Jr., University of California - Santa Cruz

  • Dra. Elisabeth Klara Viktoria Kalko, Universität Ulm, Germany

  • Dr. Pedro Jordano, Estación Biológica de Doñana, Spain


Main students:

  • BSc. Flávia Maria Darcie Marquitti, TT-3/FAPESP, UFSCar

  • Tiago Yamazaki Andrade, IC/FAPESP, UFSCar

  • Patrícia Kerches Rogeri, IC/FAPESP, UFSCar


Special acknowledgements:

  • Dr. Dalva M.S. Matos (DB-UFSCar), for providing room for the project at DB-UFSCar

  • Dr. Wesley R. Silva (DZ-UNICAMP), for lending us telemetry equipment

  • Dr. Ariovaldo Neto (DZ-UNESP), for the discussions and for lending us telemetry equipment

  • Dr. Marcelo Nogueira (IB-UENF), for helping to identify bats.

  • Dr. Glauco Machado (DE-USP), pelas discussões científicas



Here I publish some media related to the project, like videos, reports and other materials.

Videos in YouTube



Internship opportunities

If you are an undergrad or grad student of Biology or similar areas, you may participate in the Project Bats & Fruits. Pay attention to opportunities announced here, and also in the mailing lists SBEQ, Chiroptera-l, Batline, Frugivoria, Biotelemetria and Mastozoo-BR. Contact me by e-mail. If you want to make a proposal, please inform: (1) your highest degree and present position; (2) your main research interests; (3) your motivation to join the project; (4) the link to your online curriculum;

Positions available

  • None at this moment.


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