PREMIERE: Electronic act Automatic Blue drops “what are drugs for” from new album LOOK COOL DEAD

Automatic Blue will release the next album ‘LOOK COOL DEAD’ via Hausu on September 24th.

Emerging electronic artist Automatic Blue has unveiled a brand new track from his upcoming album WATCH COOL DEATH in the form of the bubble “this is what drugs are for” – created below.

Automatic Blue, real name Drew Linehan, is an artist who forged his craft working with punk bands in the past, then worked on DIY chamber pop with Arthur Valentine from Cork and the experimental trio Repeater. .

The Hausu cork label is a collective that values ​​creation and support for audiovisual art, which leads its list of artists to organize video games to accompany their outings.

WATCH COOL DEATH lands this Friday, September 24th and the previous singles ‘LOV3’, ‘ASHTRAY’ and ‘idontwannabe_here_anymore’ lay an impressive foundation for the Blue automatic threshing train.

His adoration for ’90s alternative rock, electronic music and hip-hop beats made him stand out in a large crowd of the Irish music industry. WATCH COOL DEATH marks a personal and serious statement beyond Drew’s earlier work – both a darker and heavier Automatic Blue record, a more sonically diverse project, a more polished and cinematic artistic achievement, but also a series of notes on serious mental health issues and the long climb to climb.

The Hausu collective have funnily dubbed their upcoming album “the spirit of Fearghal McKee summoned through a mysterious VST in Ableton Live. Or if Elliot Smith shared the producers with Kendrick Lamar. We can only approve.”

“LOV3” channeled the processed vocal style of emo rap with twisty 808 electronic output and self-doubt, while the upbeat “Ashtray” focuses on the buzzing guitar sounds. Her third single from the project showed moments of negotiating against oppressive thoughts and seeking clarity. The track features an Arthur Valentine bridge and is sound minimal; driven primarily by an acoustic guitar and drum machine, but filled with production flourishes and embellishments.

Lyrically, facing life with suicidal thoughts is thematically present throughout the record.

“This is what drugs are for” draws its influence from trap beats and hip-hop elements, with Automatic Blue’s distorted vocals adding to the dark, gloomy atmosphere behind the swirling sonic air.

“I think ‘drugs’ is one of my favorites on the record because in terms of the album’s themes it captures something more transitional than other songs,” Linehan told Hot Press.

“The song isn’t exactly about the effects of mental illness or the triumphs and failures of recovery, but it’s a snapshot of being faced with this moment when change or stagnation is absolute inevitability, and really having to take this personal decision in life moving forward. I don’t know if there is much talk about this state of mind but it’s scary to be in this basic situation. bad state of mind although I would recommend this last.”

The album is also accompanied by 3D visuals of Aodhagan O’Riabhaigh. Months of hard work went into the record, is Automatic Blue feeling the pressure with the release date so close?

“It’s honestly a little scary to release this album,” Drew continues.

“I make music mostly for myself and for my friends at Hausu, so when I do the songs I never focus on the outside criticism. Being on locked recording and finishing the record naturally made it more personal and introspective. also, so I’m also a little nervous about some of the things that I say and broadcast to the world. “

“I’m glad people are hearing it, but I’m also anxious about it,” Linehan admits. “With some of the topics, I just hope I spoke about them responsibly and conveyed what I wanted correctly. WATCH COOL DEATH to say. For the record, I sincerely hope that the people I love enjoy the album and that everything that follows will feel like it will be more of a bonus for me. ”

A live show featuring the Hausu label roster will take place at Cork ‘Cyprus Avenue on November 2.

Listen to ‘this is what the drugs are for’ below:

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