Ohio State Defensive Notes Against Tulsa

Ohio State came away with a Saturday afternoon victory in The ‘Shoe, behind a formidable day in running play and improved defensive effort. Defensive staff have been creative in their blitz programs and their ability to tilt and tilt the defensive line to allow them to demonstrate their athleticism more consistently. The Buckeyes spent a lot more time in zonal coverage and kudos to the Golden Hurricane, they took what the Silver Bullets gave them. It wasn’t appealing, but it was much more effective than the previous three games.

Of course, it should also be noted that the defensive coordinator Kerry Coombs is mounted in the cabin and the secondary trainer Matt barnes called the defense from the sideline.

With regard to the interpretation of the following notes:

Rating key

  • A: National championship level game … dominates the opponent and performs at the highest level.
  • B: Big Ten Championship level game … constantly beats his opponents, but leaves some areas to develop.
  • C: qualifying level game in bowling … does enough to win in a close game to just pass. Must improve quickly.
  • D: House for holiday level play … Exhibited several times and a major handicap for the most part.
  • F: Loser level game … unity has been dominated in many facets of the game and is a major obstacle to success. Major changes are needed immediately.

If you missed our offensive ratings, check them out here. Let’s take a look at the ratings and how the Buckeyes won their three touchdowns on Saturday.

Defensive line: D +

The Rushmen have not been as effective this year as they have been in previous years. Take LeBron from the Cavs, Brady from the Patriots, Batman from Gothic City, The Cheesy Gordita Crunch from the menu at Taco Bell… I think you know where I’m going. There is not yet that superstar on the defensive line that catches the attention of the vast majority of the offensive line.

This unit is young and with Zach harrison to treat a back pain, someone has to intervene. JT Tuimoloau has the most natural ability, but has only been on campus since July. It’s going to have more impact every week. It is still not enough. Tyreke smith flashes, but the Cleveland Heights senior needs to step up now. His athleticism should be an asset and right now he’s rushing too much in the middle of tackles, instead of attacking part of the man and making the decision to defend the race or put pressure on the quarterback.

It was exciting to see Tyleik williams find a great game in a crucial situation. Expect its role to expand in the future. This unit is in good hands with the coach Larry johnson, and when it starts to click, pay attention.

Linebackers: D

Teradja mitchell missed a lot yesterday and I hope he can come back as soon as possible for the group. Cody Simon made plays at times, but only made three tackles yesterday. He is running well and he is being asked to do a lot at the moment. Gaoteote IV Palace had a big save on the goal line early in the game, but then disappeared. Tommy Eichenberg didn’t register a tackle that day and that’s a tough statistic for an inside linebacker.

88. Gaoteote Palace

Matt Barnes has done a good job adding this group to some of their zone blitz programs, but they haven’t made it home as much as you would like. This unit is still researching and it will take rehearsals and time. The good news is that the Buckeyes will no longer be playing against another Top 25 team until they host Penn State over Halloween weekend.

Defensive back: D +

Matt Barnes basically said we weren’t going to be beaten on the home run and the Buckeyes left the midfield open with a high safety gaze and took a more conservative approach playing more zone. This allowed Tulsa – a first (and second) running team – to pitch for 428 yards. Two passing touchdowns and 13.8 yards per completion are nothing to hold onto, but it’s actually an improvement.

A pass rush is absolutely necessary to help this group, as it’s nearly impossible to cover Division I spreads for four seconds or more on a regular basis. Denzel burke is special and sets up an All-American freshman season. He had an interception triggered by a questionable canceled call. Look at Burke’s eyes – it’s really exciting to see how he sees the game. He’s playing that ball all the way through and it makes him make such an amazing game. He has a presence beyond his years. Burke understands angles and road breaks better than most.

Ronnie hickman, Lathan ransom, Bryson shaw, Cameron Brown, and Cameron Martinez everything looked improved. It’s still a long way to go, but an increased passing rush and greater confidence to come home on blitzes will help this group get far.


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