Nicolas Cage’s Dracula was inspired by Malignant, because of course it was

It’s a little surprising that Nicolas cage has never played Dracula before, but he will have the opportunity to do just that this year, in Universal’s Renfield, a reinvention of Bram stokerClassic gothic horror story, told from the perspective of the vampire’s lackey. Cage said Variety Award Circuit Podcast he was looking for inspiration in James wanthe newest horror movie Smart, which has undoubtedly already acquired cult status.

Featuring Nicolas hoult in the titular role, Renfield marks a refreshing change of pace for Universal, which had previously tried to replicate the Marvel Cinematic Universe in its attempts to revamp its legacy horror characters for contemporary audiences. Cage’s comments on the inspiration of the very campy Smart might hint at where her mind is when it comes to playing Dracula. He said:


“I want him to explode in a unique way compared to the way we’ve seen him play. So I think I’m really focusing on the movement of the character. You know I saw Malignant and thought about what she did with those moves – and even Ringu with Sadako [Yamamura]… I want to watch what we can explore with this movement and this voice.

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Cage also studied previous portrayals of the character, which include Bela Lugosithe performance of in the classic 1931 film, and Frank langellaperformance in the 1979 film. Cage also watched his uncle Francis Ford Coppola1992 Dracula film, which he described as “sumptuous”.

But what does Renfield different, he says, is that it is a comedy. Cage added:

“And when you get that tone just – comedy and horror – like American Werewolf in London, it’s a blast. It must be a target. But that’s what I’m looking for, something new to bring to the character, and also that perfect tone of comedy and horror.

After a series of direct video releases in recent years, the Oscar winner appears to be getting back on track; he delivered among the most acclaimed performances of his career in Pork. He will soon be seen as an exaggerated version of himself in The unbearable weight of massive talents, a movie that pokes fun at the eccentric character Cage has developed in recent years.

Directed by Chris McKay, just out The war of tomorrow, Renfield is written by Ryan ridley (Rick and morty) from an original screenplay by The walking dead‘s Robert kirkman.

Smart was one of the many casualties of Warner Bros. ‘controversial 2021 exit strategy, which saw each of its films debut on day and date on the HBO Max streaming service, essentially killing their box office chances. The Horror Image that divides, which was declared by our own Vinnie Mancuso as his favorite of the year, closed its box office with $ 34 million against an announced budget of $ 40 million.

Stay tuned to Collider for more updates on Renfield, and whatever Ukrainian apocalypse comedy Cage chooses to do next.

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