New song ‘Shake It’ Ft Shy Glizzy x Chelly the MC by IFY P is deep and oppressive, amplifying the turmoil

IFY P, a young artist from Silver Spring Hip Hop, released an innovative new version of trap music called “Shake It” exclusively on Soundcloud in June. It is one of the artist’s most ambitious endeavors.

With its release of freshly produced alternative hip hop music ‘Shake it’ Ft Shy Glizzy x Chelly le MC, emerging Hip Hop Artist Silver Spring IFY P is on the rise. It is claimed to be the young rapper’s first trap and was released in the last week of June. The song is an explosion of alternative rock and trap-infused melodies, each conveying various feelings of pneuma. As you listen to his set, it’s easy to see why so many people are drawn to him. The sound is an irresistible fusion of the familiar and the totally unfamiliar, which is unusual, especially when it’s so skillfully connected and presented. The only downside is that it ends before the three minutes are up, but luckily that’s just the start. The more you listen to the intricacies of rap verse, the more it becomes a part of you and your night out. This one is a keeper because of the eclecticism, the confluence of the well-known and the unexpected, the dynamism and changing rhythms, the relaxing and yet uplifting atmospheric vibe of it all.


IFY P is the pride of Silver Spring, which has gradually matured musically over time and the opportunity to become the artist he has always aspired to be. He is a rapper and songwriter who has extensive knowledge of contemporary fashion in moving music. While recording this new song ‘Shake it’, he had a lot of support from his fans. In the song he collaborated with promising musicians. He wrote and narrated the sentences that best express his trauma and his contemplative state. When love combines with sadness, it becomes a recurring nightmare. Music was the only therapy he discovered, and he was inspired to create exhilarating and melancholy trap music to help the world cope with the all too common illness of depression. The disc’s dark emo tunes will help uncover common ground and a portal to a new world. He has represented a variety of extremely unique personalities and emotions in the post-alternative genre. Always the type to launch a creative curve, he has now succeeded in combining a theoretically and structurally accessible piece, almost inspired by pop, with an astonishing atmosphere and a succession of melancholic harmonies. Even still, this voice and these inflections definitely spread for its lyrical capacity.

He is a versatile and avant-garde musician who has established himself as a leader in emotional rap music. Lil Peep, XXXtentacion, Spacemanzack and Juicewrld are some of the musicians who have inspired him in various ways. You know who you’re listening to in seconds, regardless of style or mood, and it’s something he masters like no other. To learn more about his projects, follow him on Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud, Spotify, YouTube and Instagram.

Just go for that track ‘Shake It’ by IFY P:

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