Million Dollars NFL Parlay Picks for Sunday Week 17

The NFL have 14 games for the main slate on Sunday, which is a perfect opportunity to use Awesemo OddsShopper to build some of the best NFL parlay picks today. Using this fantastic site can help place smart bets in an easy to use way and maximize the return on investment from bets. It is really a simple bet since you can find the best bet in 30 seconds or less.

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NFL Picks & Parlays Today: Top Betting Picks

The first step is to find which sport to bet on, so that the banner at the top of the screen separates the sports. Once on the NFL page, it’s very easy to customize the teams and players on the left side of the page.

Now, if you miss any of the ratings highlighted in the article because it has changed, don’t worry. The lines do not always stay the same because they are updated every two minutes. There will be examples of when you can still bet based on Awesemo’s projections. It’s also easy to sort the props based on the style you want to bet, meaning you can choose the highest ROI or the highest expected win rate.

As a general rule of thumb, the best approach is to combine the highest ROI with the expected success rate, and this process should take less than 30 seconds to filter what you’re looking for. As a reminder, betting props individually is always a smart way to build your bankroll. Let’s find out which are the best bet bets for this week and build a huge nine-legged bet for the slate!

Kyler Murray over 254.5 passing yards

Dallas Cowboys defense hinders Kyler murray and the Arizona Cardinals offense this week, and they played well with the best DVOA against the pass. They’ve also allowed just 158 ​​passing yards per game in the last three games, but they haven’t played a solid quarterback. Murray is averaging 273.3 passing yards per game and is third in yards per attempt (8.1), 10th in aerial yards (2,003) and actual completion rate (77.3%). This game has one of the highest totals of the day and Murray should have plenty of chances to cross that line and OddsShopper has an expected win rate of 65%.

Tyreek Hill Over 5.5 receptions

It was a bad day for Tyreek Hill last week as the Kansas City Chiefs beat the Pittsburgh Steelers. This is a very low number and OddsShopper has an expected win rate of 65%. The return on investment isn’t spectacular, but since it’s used in a giant NFL game, it’s easier to integrate. Hill is third in receptions at 104 and is averaging 6.9 per game. Cincinnati is 22nd in DVOA versus the pass and this game has over 50 points, which is one of the biggest of the weekend. The Chiefs offense is always a gamble on a planned shootout.

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Quez Watkins Over 26.5 receiving yards

From a seasonal point of view, Quez Watkins averaging over 36 yards per game, so the pass seems reasonable. OddsShopper has an expected win rate of 66% on this bet and Watkins has a 12.8-yard aDOT on the season for the Philadelphia Eagles offense. The game against the Washington football team is very appealing as they are 27th in DVOA against the pass and 29th in yards allowed per attempt. He’s third for Philadelphia in terms of target share at 12.6% and it won’t take much completion to hit one of football’s worst passing defenses.

AJ Brown over 68.5 receiving yards

OddsShopper has an expected win rate of 57% with AJ Brown and his receiving yards with a projection of 80 receiving yards. It’s been a tough season for Brown between injuries and the Tennessee Titans’ offense, which took a big step backwards. He showed some of his talents last week when he tallied 145 receiving yards and even throughout his troubles averaged 69.1 receiving yards per game. Brown has a target share of 27.7% and his 2.78 yards per course are seventh in the league.

David Montgomery over 69.5 rushing yards

The game between the New York Giants and the Chicago Bears is probably the least exciting of the weekend, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t any possibilities to make bets, so the NFL bet gets bigger. David Montgomery has been a mainstay of the Bears’ training when he is in good health. He has only played 11 games this season, but is averaging 16.6 runs per game and is 11th in runs in the league. The Giants are 27th in DVOA against the run and 20th in yards per attempt allowed at 4.4 yards. OddsShopper has an expected win rate of 63%.

Cooper Kupp over 105.5 receiving yards

Once again, Cooper Kupp has a huge number for his yardage and he still has an expected 55% win rate from OddsShopper. The Los Angeles Rams face what remains of the Baltimore Ravens, which have suffered an inordinate number of injuries this season. Their defense is particularly bad with 11 players on the injured or absent list for this match. Over the past three weeks, Baltimore has allowed over 312 passing yards per game and Kupp is averaging 115.6 yards per game. He leads the league in receptions (132), yards (1,734), targets (177) and target share (33.3%). It’s one of the best games Kupp could have in any given week.

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Justin Herbert Over 263.5 passing yards

This is a very low number for Justin herbert like he’s at home when the Los Angeles Chargers face off against the Denver Broncos. He averages 292.9 passing yards per game and his 4,394 passing yards are second in the league. Denver is fourth in allowed completion rate at just 59.9%, but they are also 16th in DVOA versus pass while still ranking 13th in yards allowed per attempt. Herbert is eighth in yards per attempt this season, 12th in actual completion rate and fifth in deepball completion rate. The number is just too low and OddsShopper has an expected 60% win rate and continues to add to the NFL bet.

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DJ Moore over 59.5 receiving yards

There aren’t many receivers who have such a bad quarterback situation as Dj moore made for the Carolina Panthers. Moore is third in unrealized aerial yards at 824 this season and he ranks 88th in catchable targets. It’s a terrible mix, but he’s also seventh in the NFL for aerial yardage (39.7%) and 12th for receiving yards (1,041). Moore has averaged 69.4 yards per game so far this year and is fifth on targets at 144. Moore is one of the only ways this offense moves the ball and OddsShopper gives him a throw of 79, 5 yards and an expected win rate of 64%.

Michael Carter over 17.5 receiving yards

The New York Jets face the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and they’ll be short on multi-skill players. Receivers Elie Moore and Jamison crowder came out and doubtful running back Tevin coleman is outside. it will go Michael carter with almost all the running backs, which should be a negative play script. OddsShopper has this bet at an expected win rate of 71%, one of the highest of the weekend. Carter is 14th among goals among running backs while playing a part-time role for New York and Tampa is in the bottom five in receptions and yards allowed for the position. All in all, the nine-legged parlay would give a return of +26,621 according to Parlay Awesemo’s calculator.

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