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Incarcerated Dancehall star Tommy Lee Sparta, unbeknownst to many Jamaicans, is perhaps the biggest Dancehall star in mainland Europe, according to veteran Dancehall music coach Tony Matterhorn.

Speaking in an interview with Jaii Frais and Chevi on the Let’s be honest podcast which was shared on YouTube on Wednesday, Matterhorn said the Spartan soldier artist, was like a magnet to many Europeans, due to his gothic image / aesthetic.

“Mi a Tommy Lee guh a Europe. Tommy Lee bigga in half a Jamaica in Europe because of his style – the gothic thing, because this is what Europe originates from – our Dancehall. A pop / rock dem and he’s like a pop / rock star, ”said Matterhorn.

“Suh would have had a bigger influence on anyone else. Nuff man weh yuh si a talk bout dem bigga, dem nuh big. Dem nuh good. Caw si dem did good, you would do it in Europe every minute, ”he added.

Considered by many to be the gothic DJ of Dancehall, Tommy Lee Sparta made his first trip to mainland Europe in 2011.

Interestingly, Tommy Lee made his very first European tour in 2013, following the release of his kid-focused single Captain Sparta, which featured characters from various children’s TV shows such as Dora the Explorer and Jimmy. Neutron, surprising his critics with his drastic turnaround from his Uncle Demon character.

The six-week tour saw him make appearances in Holland, France, Sweden, Switzerland, Germany and England.

He also had the distinction of being the first Dancehall artist to be hired to perform in a children’s show, which took place at the Sherholmens Youth Center in Sweden for ages 12 to 17. At the time, Sparta manager Heavy D said young Swedes had been asking for Tommy Lee Sparta for some time.

“They really like Tommy Lee,” Heavy D told The Star tabloid.

Tommy Lee Sparta and Boss Lady Muzik CEO

In August 2016, Sparta, as he prepared for his seventh trip to Europe which had been scheduled for this October, himself told the Jamaica Observer that “his dark Dancehall brand has a huge ‘underground’. there and that during the last five years he had visited Europe sometimes twice a year.

“Each time, it gets bigger; more people attracted to it, ”Sparta said at the time.

“The first time I went there was in 2011 and each time I go back and it gets bigger”, the shook the artist had said. At that time, the Montego Bay native’s two-week tour spanned Stockholm, Sweden, Belgium, the Netherlands, Finland, Austria, Germany, Switzerland and France.

In 2018, Tommy Lee Sparta made another tour of the continent to places such as Amsterdam, Belgium, Germany, Sweden, France, Italy and Denmark.

Tommy Lee was arrested last December after being found with an illegal gun along Holborn Road in New Kingston. In March of his year, he was sentenced to concurrent prison terms of three years for illegal possession of a firearm and two years for illegal possession of ammunition after pleading guilty to the offenses. A month later, the gun was reportedly linked to two murders.

Before his arrest, he had announced that he would undertake his Under the vibrations Tour scheduled to run from March 1 to May 12, 2021, with shows across Europe in countries like Denmark, Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, Sweden, UK, Switzerland and France . It has also been booked to perform in African countries such as Kenya, Ghana, South Africa, Senegal, Gambia and Guinea.

Sparta gained national notoriety after Vybz Kartel noticed his musical acumen during a performance in Montego Bay. He became an official member of the Portmore Empire in March 2010 where he recorded his first songs Hold the pressure on the Gangsta City Riddim, Gypsy on the teeza riddim and Money makes friends. His first major performance was at Reggae Sumfest 2011 alongside Kartel and other members of the Gaza Empire.

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