I coordinate and participate in courses and talks on different topics, like ecological networks, animal-plant interactions, seed dispersal, scientific method, scientific communication, and ecology of bats. Contact me, if you want further information.


  1. How to elaborate a project

  2. How to elaborate an article

  3. How to give a good talk

  4. How to elaborate a poster

  5. How to analyze complex networks

My courses

  1. Ecological Networks, UFPE, UFBA, UEFS

  2. Scientific Method for Ecological Research, PPGERN-UFSCar

  3. Frugivory and Seed Dispersal, PPGERN-UFSCar

  4. Scientific Communication, independent course

  5. Bat Ecology, independent course

  6. Mammals of the Atlantic Forest, independent course

Invited courses

  1. Ecology of the Amazon Forest, INPA, PDBFF, USP and UNICAMP

  2. Ecology of the Atlantic Forest, USP/UNICAMP

  3. Spanish-American Course on Frugivory and Seed Dispersal, UNICAMP/UNESP/EBD

  4. Antioch Education Abroad (Brazilian Ecosystems), Antioch University, UNESP, UFMG, UFPR

  5. Field Practices in Ecology, Undergrad Bio Course - UFSCar

  6. Ecology and Conservation of Forest Fragments, Undergrad Bio Course - UFSCar

  7. Economical Botany,  Undergrad Bio Course - UFSCar

  8. Ecology, Systematics and Evolution of Angiosperms, PPGERN-UFSCar

  9. Current Topics in Biology, PPGG-UFSCa

  10. Training for Guides of the Educational Trail, PET-UFSCar

  11. Biospeleology, PET-UFSCar