Prospective students


Information for prospective students

If you want to become my student, please read the following advices first:

  1. 1.I only teach students who really think seriously about becoming a professional scientist. No time for ‘playing scientist’;

  2. 2.The student must follow my recommendations and fulfill my requests, although I expect him to always question me and everybody else respectfully;

  3. 3.The student must be curious, have initiative and think independently;

  4. 4.The student must agree to work hard, read a lot, and stick to the time schedule. Don’t show me preliminary stuff: always give your best;

  5. 5.The student must respect his advisor and colleagues, especially by respecting deadlines and appointments;

  6. 6.The student shall always give something back, and not only ask favors from his colleagues and advisor;

  7. 7.The student shall not mix his political, religious or moral views with his scientific praxis;

  8. 8.The student must be able to read in English. Without this basic ability, forget about becoming a scientist;

  9. 9.The student must agree that a research project ends only after a publication in a good international peer-reviewed journal, the record of a patent, or the release of a product. Monographs, dissertations or theses are only the beginning of the end;

  10. 10. The student who enters my workgroup will first start by listening, watching and helping his colleagues in the first months. Then the student will be evaluated, and if he wants to go on we’ll talk about a research project. MSc and PhD students must be first admitted in a graduate program.

  1. Final advice: don’t believe in people who say that your professional aspirations are impossible. Impossible is just a word used by mediocre people for feeling better about their meaningless careers. However, keep always one foot on the ground: feasible dreams are a succession of minor and major tasks that should be gradually scheduled and accomplished.

  1. Read other nice advices for newbies given by some colleagues, some of which represent contradictory views:

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  9. I thank all the people who wrote the advices above. They really helped me a lot!