Malaika Aroras’ weekend meal focused on sweet things; Guess what they are

If you are dieting or trying to follow a healthy lifestyle, you know how difficult it can be to manage calories and control cravings. Most of us want to stay fit and healthy, and for that we need to start our day with exercise, detox drinks, and a light breakfast. Although there are many low calorie foods that we try to include in our daily diet, it can be difficult to control our cravings. From delicious cakes and pastries to spicy noodles, burgers and pasta, all of these foods are what we miss when we are on a diet. But sometimes we can certainly indulge in the goodness of these sweet and fried foods. And it seems to be the same with Malaika Arora!

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Malaika Arora is a well-known fitness enthusiast. Along with this, the actress is strongly following a healthy lifestyle rich in nutritious food. She’s known for sharing glimpses of her life on Instagram, and recently the actress shared a photo of delicious donuts and a delicious chocolate cake. On one of her stories she wrote “Death by donuts” while on another she added heart emojis. Looked:

Malaika Arora Instagram Story


Malaika Arora’s Instagram Story on the Cake

We’re sure these sugary foods must have made you hungry as well. So the next time you cook, easily bake this delicious chocolate cake and chewy donuts at home.

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Earlier on her Instagram, Malaika also shared her spinach, celery, ginger and apple detox drink. Now this combination looks really delicious. If you also want to make detox drinks easily at home, click here for the recipes.

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