Local fans’ request for Arizona band Sundressed to return granted

A number of local fans who saw Sundressed open for Ann Arbor at Pinhook in 2017 begged the Phoenix-based punk-pop group to return to Spokane.

“Some people from Spokane who were at this show have asked us over and over again to come back,” said singer-songwriter Trevor Hedges. “Their response has been brilliant. It was so cool that they were like that at the opening of a show. We never thought it would take us four years to get back to Spokane, but we’re happy to make some people happy.

Sundressed, who will appear with Wheelwright at the Lucky You Lounge on Tuesday, like their peers, has lost more than a year and a half to the pandemic. There’s a good chance the band have appeared in Spokane in 2020 since their last album, “Home Remedy,” was released 13 months ago. The band’s second album is filled with big hooks and lots of melodies.

The title song is an anthemic single that touches on mental health, a topic that has been touched upon in other Sundressed songs. “We’re open about mental health,” Hedges said, calling from his Phoenix home. “This is a huge problem that needs to be discussed. I know how important it is when you have problems. I had major addiction issues in my early twenties. But I’ve been sober for 10 years. I discovered that it’s about finding community, finding yourself, and finding solace in something.

Hedges has always found solace in music. As he grew up in the Valley of the Sun during the 1980s, Hedges was soothed by the visceral sounds of punk and emo. Bands such as Taking Back Sunday and Yellowcard were the soundtrack of his childhood and had an impact on the musical direction of Sundressed.

“I grew up with all the punk stuff,” Hedges said. “This high energy music has shaped who I am and this band. But that’s not all that had an effect on me as a songwriter. I am a huge fan of Conor Oberst. He’s such a great songwriter. I love what he did as Bright Eyes. I’m a fan of what he’s accomplished and I love bands like Sunny Day Real Estate.

The message Sundressed gives off is that there is hope for young fans as they navigate the complex and difficult teenage years. “We cover heavy topics,” Hedges said. “You can get away with it. It will get better.

Sundressed, which also includes guitarists AJ Peacox and Matt Graham, bassist Justin Portillo and drummer Vic Chan, is working on new tracks.

“We just finished four songs,” Hedges said. “We’re going to release them as singles over the next few months and then work on the next album. It’s weird talking about the next album since we still support this album, but that’s how it goes. We had to deal with a pandemic, but it’s cool since we’re back on the road, and we’ll finally be back in Spokane.

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