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Here you can check the loan offer, analyze different variants, compare loans, non-bank loans and payday loans. You will count the loan installment in 25 banks, and when you choose a loan for yourself, you can order it online free of charge. You will find hints and the cheapest cash loans even without commissions, low-interest home loans, car loans without certificates, consolidation loans, quick loans over the Internet and cash loans without statements with a transfer to your account in 15 minutes. Only with us is a loan in a few minutes via the Internet for everyone!

Life sometimes plays tricks, everyone knows about it. It’s difficult to plan them accurately. Even the smallest plans, they often like to get complicated. For this reason, often financial problems arise in our everyday life. We do not always have a chance to get out of them, translating the term of buying something or depositing money. Then, it becomes necessary to take out a loan, a loan or a payday loan.


Comparison of loans – quick loans online

We cordially invite you to check the current offer, current promotions available in banks, parabanks, loan companies and other financial institutions. At YUU Bank you will find the cheapest, the best loan, a quick loan on favorable terms, a payday without formalities and a bank account for PLN 0. With the help of the comparison engine, you can compare available offers, calculate the loan or loan installments and choose the best offer. In YUU Bank there is a free of charge: a comparison of cash loans, a mortgage comparison engine and a bank account comparison.


Credit comparison sites – search engines for non-bank loans

Compare the cheapest cash loans, mortgages, car loans, cash loans, non-bank loans, payday loans, credit cards or bank accounts. A comparison of cash loans is shown in APY, commissions and other parameters of cash loans. Quickly, conveniently and easily compare the offers of banks and loan companies without any certificates and for free.

We have prepared new versions of search engines for bank loans and non-bank loans:

  1. comparison of cash loans – includes all loans and cash loans for any purpose up to PLN 200,000 with a loan term up to 84 months,
  2. mortgage comparison platform – includes all housing loans / mortgages up to 90% of the property value with a loan term up to 35 years,
  3. short payday search engine – contains information on loans with repayment dates of up to 60 days,
  4. non-bank loans search engine – contains information on loans with maturity over 60 days (long-term loans / installments / online installment loans),
  5. search engine for all loans – all non-bank loans in one search engine (payday loans and long-term loans).


Promotion of cash loans, mortgage loans, quick cash loans, payday loans, accounts and deposits

Check out the latest promotional offers on loans, loans, deposits and accounts – promotions for loans, loans, accounts and deposits

Offers fast loans via internet or telephone, SMS or loans with cash delivery to your home, loans for proof, loans without certificates, payday loans – all types of non-bank loans available on the market are compared in the section – non-bank loans

You will find there the latest promotional offers on loans, cash loans, cash loans, non-bank loans, payday loans via the Internet, accounts and deposits.


But can everyone afford a loan?

What cash loan to choose? Where’s the best non-bank loan to take? What kind of moment to choose? Which personal account should I choose? How do you choose the cheapest mortgage? Where is the easiest and fastest way to get a car loan without certification?

In our Financial Portal, YUU Bank, we present a number of financial information regarding attractive bank accounts, deposits, loans, non-bank loans, payday loans and other banking and non-banking products intended for individual clients and persons conducting business.

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