Lindsay Lohan thanks Nancy Meyers, director of The Parent Trip, for “the opportunity of a lifetime”

Lindsay Lohan thanked Nancy Meyers, director of The Parent Trap, for “the opportunity of a lifetime.”

The 1998 romantic comedy classic starred then preteen Lohan playing twin roles Hallie Parker and Annie Jones. The film was a critical and commercial success, making her a major celebrity.

For his 23rd birthday, director Meyers, 71, shared a montage of the film on Instagram, tagging several of the film’s stars, as well as co-writer and ex-husband Charles Shyer.

“Thank you for all the love that has been sent to me over the years about this film,” the filmmaker wrote, praising the photos, the messages “and just the general sweetness” about The Parent Trap.

Lohan, now 35, jumped in the comments to express her appreciation for the film that made her career.

“Thank you for the opportunity of a lifetime Nancy,” she wrote, alongside prayer hands and a heart emojis.

The writer and director returned the favor, writing “I Still Love You Linds” in response.

Dina Lohan – the actress’ mother – thanked Meyers in the comments for her daughter’s casting, writing: “Wow how time goes by Nancy … you are such a gem, you are super talented and you bring so much of joy and insight in all your films (sic). “

Lisa Ann Walter, who played Hallie’s nanny Chessy, also commented, “Thank you for letting me be a part of this iconic film. The way generations of viewers adore it makes my whole career worth it. worth it. “

The Parent Trap, a remake of the 1961 film, was co-written by Meyers and Shyer with David Swift. It also starred Dennis Quaid and the late Natasha Richardson.

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