‘Letterkenny’ cast arrives in Minneapolis in 2022

Canada’s funniest spectacle ever arrives in Minneapolis in 2022.

I was on the computer at work the other day when I walked past an updated live visit article from the Letterkenny Problems The Facebook page. I’m not sure what prompted me to click on tour dates because I thought there was no way this tour would come close to North Dakota. But, one of the dates added to the newly rescheduled tour just happens to be Minneapolis!

“Letterkenny Live! Features some of the best characters in the series, from Hicks to Skids.

The pre-sale of tickets started this morning and the general public sale starts this Friday! And if you’re a die-hard fan of the 5,000 Letterkenny People and Their Woes show, you can’t miss this event. According to the Letterkenny Live Show website, fans will be able to see Wayne, Darry, Katy, Squirrely Dan, Jonesy and Reilly, STEWART and Roald, and Coach!

The Minneapolis event takes place at the Orpheum Theater on Wednesday, March 2, 2022 at 8:00 p.m. ET. I tried to find out what a live show involves, but the show FAQs are pretty vague, so I don’t know much about what happens during these live shows. I believe they do skits that we don’t see on the show.

I discovered Letterkenny about two years ago. My brother insisted that I watch it and I just thought it looked awful. One day, I agreed to watch the first episode. I was hooked as soon as Wayne launched his first tweet on Jonesy and Reilly. I would post the clip, but it’s very NSFW.

Are you going on a road trip to see “Letterkenny Live!” in Minneapolis?

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