Jovi and Yara’s jobs questioned after showing off their wealth

90 Day Fiancé star Yara made a cheeky comeback for critics who laughed at her for using Jovi Dufren’s money when she flaunted her expensive vacation condo.

Fans of 90 Day Fiancé: Forever? had questions about Jovi Dufren and Yara Zaya’s jobs after Mylah’s mother showed off her riches on Instagram. Fan favorite couple Jovi and Yara have been winning hearts ever since 90 day fiancé season 8 thanks to their alchemy. However, Yara has always faced green card hunting charges, while Jovi is labeled immature for choosing to focus on her work and parties. Amid the hints of a new pregnancy during the Say it all, Yara kept her IG followers busy with cute photos of herself and Jovi’s vacation with baby Mylah, which drew her criticism.

When Jovi, originally from Louisiana, ran into Ukrainian Yara on a dating app while traveling alone. Yara flew to New Orleans to marry Jovi and become a 90 day fiancé Star. But Jovi refused to let go of his hard work, of playing hard, which annoyed Yara now that they were not only married but also parents to Mylah. Jovi had gone to work for several months, leaving Yara home alone with their baby. On his return, he called Yara “psychopathmom and took her to a strip club as a birthday present. Yara warned Jovi that she would leave him and go to Ukraine, but according to Instagram, the 90 day fiancé couple is still in America.

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In its recent IG updates, Yara Zaya documented his last vacation in Destin, Florida. “While mom is resting, Mylah wipes everything with a towel,“Yara captioned her photo with Mylah. One fan commented that the couple”I stayed at Alys Beach in one of their condos which was $ 5,000 a night,“And hoped that the 90 day fiancé star was having a great time in Destin. Yara replied: “IIt’s extremely expensive here, probably more than in Miami, but it’s so beautiful. “Meanwhile, other comments on the post itself mocked Yara for bragging about her expenses.”You should be proud to have a husband who can do what he does,A fan told Yara. His response to this was: “Yeseverything stops, I also work,”With facepalm emojis.

Yara Zaya Jovi Dufren Job as 90 day fiancé

Another fan said: “Yeseah bcuz you don’t work and no stranger comes into the house to clean up.” The 90 day fiancé The celebrity’s sassy response said: “WWell check out and soon Yarazaya makeup is coming. “Former Kiev resident Yara then turned to her IG stories, where she shared the same photo and wrote:”It’s so funny, a lot of people think Jovi is a millionaire, and that I spend my days,”With an arrow pointing at her lying on the couch. “Do I show boring stories on my IG, how I work from home online all day?“Yara asked her critics and added:”I don’t have a minute of free time, plus a small child.Jovi’s wife also joked that she doesn’t go to the office every day shouldn’t mean she isn’t working.

It was revealed by Jovi during 90 day fiancé season 8 he works as a ROV supervisor. His job is to go underwater and do the maintenance of the pipelines and whatever is necessary for oil production. Jovi’s job allows her to travel all over the world, while Yara has started her own online fashion business and will soon be launching her makeup line. The 90 Day Fiancé: Forever? star still maintains that she is self-sufficient and pays her bills. To prove that she is not a gold digger, Yara revealed that she does “40%»Of total household income.

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