“If only dogs could talk”

i know what you did last summer got into the habit of opening up extreme close-ups, of that wolf spider hovering over a chain in the recently severed head of football star Johnny and Margo streaming mukbangs online as an act of humiliation and rebellion, to this seventh episode, when Creepy Clara is seen in flashback, dressing Lennon’s corpse in honey that will preserve her like a prehistoric fawn locked forever in amber. “Purity for the next life,” Clara whispers, and inserts a living ant into Lennon’s ear canal. And it is also close-up.


Remember when Lennon’s body suddenly surfaced in the water right next to Alison? Well, Riley’s remains take a different path, joining Clara’s menagerie linked to the cave of honeyed tributes to her sectarian belief system, as Chief Lyla soon finds out after Bruce briefed her on the location. from the cave. But what is it ? Clara herself is in there. also, dead, and while the town of Wai Huna takes this as cause for celebration, Dylan’s motives for Alison and Margo and the tragedy of last summer are still unclear. He tells them he escaped Clara’s clutches in the cave, even admits he saw Riley’s body there – “It’s over,” he says with a purpose Margo rightly calls fragile. – but even though he is accepted back into the OG fold and increasingly becomes friends with Lennon / Alison, Dylan’s distant eyes are brimming with unspoken intentions. Yet whatever he’s hiding, it’s even deeper in a place of anger when Alison reveals her true identity in a blush of post-confessional coitus honesty. “You have had so many opportunities to tell the truth! Said the guy who may or may not have a Case Logic zipper case full of emo-core CDs and his own murderous revelations.

While Alison was dating Dylan and confessing to her masquerade, Margo was looking for Dylan’s sex tape with Lennon on the night of the big grad party. Thus satiated, and has just returned from the posh sanatorium where her controlling mother sends her periodically to stem her usual eating frenzy, Margo clowns a Cool-Whip tub before being summarily pushed through a sliding glass door by an intruder carrying a black sweatshirt. Cut to Bruce, wearing a black sweatshirt. He receives the news of Margo’s cut-out face via a phone call from Alison, but cuts the call because he has a bigger damn fish to fry: a clandestine encounter with his undead former wife and suddenly resurfaced at the complex. cult, which is for sale now that Clara has bought the farm. “You should have told me our daughter is dead,” Alison and Lennon’s mother tells Bruce, as if what happened to Lennon wouldn’t have been a social media firestorm in the very island community. United of Wai Huna where she apparently still lives. Obviously, Bruce has been in fairly regular contact with this woman since she left. What’s less obvious is why, and why, Bruce is suddenly so excited to marry his situation partner, Chef Lyla. Bruce, you’re just a bunch of weird bearded mysteries.

Only one episode left of Amazon I know what you did last summer to restart. The cast of characters we’ve met since the night of the manslaughter driving a drunken vehicle that started it all has been steadily shrinking, some in a satisfying and gruesome way. IKWYDLS is still adjacent to the slasher movie, after all, though it often feels more like a commentary on the digitally layered Zoomer Discord. And for our money, the episode 6 sequence that obscured Courtney with a drop of a Google Maps pin from her deceased daughter’s phone is still the best death blow in the series. So far, that’s it! Who’s here throwing Margo through a plate of glass? Is it some sort of precursor to another meticulously staged performance? And as Dylan arrives at the Wai Huna Police Shop, intending to reveal Alison’s secret to Chief Lyla, will she reveal her condemnation to a spell matching that of her savage sister? And what about Bruce, with the long tail fallout from his previous marriages. While she had once chosen to go into exile, the mother of her twins is now in broad daylight. But with Clara’s death – she was his first wife, remember – Bruce becomes the most tangible connection to the cult pursuits that once rocked Wai Huna. Has he always been the true keeper of the cult? I know what you did last summer splashed a lot of blood on the walls. With his final episode looming, let’s hope for some clarity amidst all the carnage.


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