How to create a visually appealing social media profile

It’s hard to stand out in the sea of ​​countless social media profiles. Making an eye-catching profile is the first step in staying ahead of your competition. This will require you to pay attention to specific details and put those items together.

In this article, we’ll tell you what to watch out for to increase the attractiveness of your social media profiles and attract more followers.

When people browse social media and click on your profile, it’s their first impression of you.

If you have a business or want to establish an online presence for whatever reason, you need to market yourself through social media. Your posts will be the main thing that subscribers are interested in. But to get subscribers in the first place, you need an eye-catching profile that attracts them and makes them want to browse your content.

A striking and engaging profile is visually oriented. Our eyes see shapes and colors before focusing on more detailed information. This is why it is important to focus on “the look” of your profile before anything else. It includes captivating profile pictures, original usernames, thematic thumbnails, as well as the layout and visual components of a bio.

1. Find your niche and establish your brand

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Before you dive into the creative fun of creating an aesthetic profile, you need to find your niche and establish your brand. Why did you create the account and why do you want followers?

Whether you have a cupcake business or a Harry Potter fan account, it’s important to stand out from other accounts that cater to the same audience.

Creating an eye-catching profile is what will set you apart. How you do this will depend on your personal style and how you want to reflect your personality and interests. Our advice is to stick to a singular, popular theme with an original touch. It should also be easily digestible for potential followers.

2. Usernames and profile names

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A username is usually the first part of a profile that people see. This usually comes in the form of a comment, tag, or when a post ends up on a recommendation tab / thread. Users can click on the name to access the profile.

It can be difficult to find a catchy username that hasn’t already been taken. Make a list of things that relate to your brand and see how you can mix them up. Use alternate spellings and add numbers to secure the username. For example, @metalbarbee or @ blackbat55 are fairly easy to remember, interesting, and less likely to get caught.

We recommend that you do not include personal information beyond your first name for security reasons. And if you’re struggling to find something original and captivating, try a username generator. Our favorites are LastPass and SpinXO.

As for the name that appears on your profile, it’s fair game. The fleshed out version of your username, like Metal Barbie or Black Bat, or your first name, will do. To make it stand out, consider using special characters, whimsical text, and emojis. Check out LingoJam for cool fonts to use on your profile.

3. Profile pictures

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Profile pictures often appear minimized next to a username. And sometimes they can’t even be maximized when you visit the user’s profile, like on Instagram. So how do you capture the attention of people with such limited visual appeal? There are several tips you can try.

Use a logo with a large, singular symbol. For example, a blue avatar in the shape of a butterfly on a black background will definitely stand out.

The choice of color is critical. Stick to one color scheme – monotonous images always stand out. If you want to combine colors, use no more than two or three and make sure they complement each other. Neon colors are a sure way to grab people’s attention, but a low-opacity image has the potential to stand out with its polished look.

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Keep filters and effects to a minimum: a loaded image won’t translate clearly in such a small space. An outline of the subject will help it stand out, and overlays that don’t have too much texture can complement your aesthetic.

Using photos of people or objects can get very busy, especially since there is usually a loaded background in organic photos. You can always cut out the subject and place it on a simpler background.

Make sure to apply the tips mentioned above when it comes to colors and filters, and remember to keep it simple.

4. Biography

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A social media bio is an opportunity to let users know who you are and what your account is for. There is a great deal of information on what to include in your bio, so we’ll be focusing on the visual appeal of the text. Fonts, sentence structure, and even word types can influence your aesthetic.

Use a font from a sophisticated text generator such as LingoJam, or even combine a few different ones. Something unusual that makes a neat and easily digestible biography uses the same title case for everything, so either upper case or lower case.

Include emojis, but sparingly, and space them out. For example, if “video editor” is one of the lines in your bio, you can put a chain emoji in front of the sentence and the same after it. It will look a lot better than putting a bunch of different emojis on afterwards. An attractive emoji placement and assortment will take some getting used to.

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Remember to keep it simple. If there is too much information, users will skim over it at most. Special characters can be used as separators between words, such as / or |. And to create a separation between sentences, use an underscore line.

It might sound unusual, but you can get by without having a bio or using a single word, phrase, number, or emoji. Sometimes the username and thumbnails reveal enough about an account, or maybe the mystery is part of the theme. In these cases, an empty bio can create a neat, minimalist aesthetic for the profile.

5. Thumbnails

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If you want a thematic profile, you need to get the most out of thumbnails on the platforms that use them. Thumbnails summarize your content so potential subscribers know what to expect and give you the flexibility to go all out with visual aesthetics.

Find out how to create thumbnails for your social media posts so you know the key elements of a thumbnail. Bottom line: you want to showcase your brand, keep it simple, and be consistent with the style.

And since thumbnails are pictures, the same tips for profile pictures apply. But because they’re bigger, you can get away with more creative details that won’t make them appear too busy.

If your goal is to gain subscribers, then a thematic, simple and original profile is what will inspire users to check out your content. It’s all about the “look” and how we visually conceptualize the big picture of a profile. The components mentioned in this article are generally overlooked, so pay more attention to them and see what happens.

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