Habitat for Humanity innovates in Westport

New construction is coming to Sodom Road in Westport. Habitat for Humanity in the Buzzards Bay area held a groundbreaking ceremony last week, announcing plans to build a duplex across from 658 Sodom Road.

General Manager Christine Lacourse said the construction will be unique; it will be a “passive house” with thermal comfort and extremely low energy consumption.

Speaking this week on Town square sunday, Lacourse said Habitat has partnered with the Westport Housing Trust in the project, providing two local families with safe, well-built and affordable housing.

Although the launch of the project is an important milestone, the work of Habitat for Humanity actually begins long before that.

Lacourse said the land needs to be acquired first, then contractors need to be lined up, along with building materials and volunteers. Many of these contractors will donate their time and supplies will also be donated.

Saltonstall Architects / Habitat for Humanity

The occupants must also be selected, and that is a process in itself. Applicants must be able to afford a low cost mortgage and must devote time to the project, approximately 300 hours in “sweat equity”. Information is available on the Habitat for Humanity website.

Lacourse said she is excited about the Westport project. This is Habitat’s very first in this city.

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