Bats use many different kinds of roosts and not only caves, like most people think.
There are two basic kinds of roosts. ‘Day roosts’ are used for sleeping and making social activities, like mating and nursing pups. ‘Night roosts’ are also known as ‘feeding perches’, and they are used as ‘cafeteria’ where bats eat their food. Generally, bats have a higher fidelity to day roosts than to night roosts.
Night roosts may easily identified during the day in some cases, because usually there is a large amount of food remains around them, like seeds, fruit fibers, insect wings, feathers or vertebrate bones.

Not only natural structures are used by bats, but also houses and other human constructions.



Natural roosts  
  • hollow trees
  • leaves
  • tree barks
  • rock crevices
  • big rocks
  • caves
  • grottos
  • terminete nests
  • abandoned bird nests

Artifical roosts
  • space between tiles
  • roofs
  • abandoned houses
  • non-used chimneys
  • roof tops
  • cisterns
  • external stairways
  • bridges and viaducts