Google tweaks emoji – probably for Android 12

Google offers Android and Chrome OS emoji through open source Noto emoji The project, and its latest version, is huge. Our last update, I’m back in September. , to cover it all, from numbers and symbols to fruits and vegetables.

In general, pictograms consisting of symbols on a square plate are lighter in color and slightly shiny. Everyday objects have seen their outlines and gradients removed, favoring flatter shapes. Buildings, clothing, food, travel, sports and more have been completely redesigned. Also, for consistency, some people’s emojis have been adjusted (to match the redesigned scissor emoji counterparts), like the haircut emoji scissors.

Here you can see a small representative comparison for yourself:

Some new Noto emoji

Move the slider left or right to compare the old emoji with the new style.

On the more subtle side, we found adjustments to the face, including the mask emoji’s open eyes (probably better suited for showing a sick person as well as encouraging preventative masking). To me, the overall aesthetic seems to be going back in line with the old Android emoji, back to a playful, flatter, almost drop-like style.

Nothing has been announced on when these redesigned emojis will be introduced to Android or Chrome OS, and it looks like none of them will be included. New proposal 2021 – But with Android 12 coming soon, it’s good to see it working right away.

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