Gabrielle Union opens up about her love of strip clubs and D-Wade’s “Eggplant Emoji” movement

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During a recent episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live, Gabrielle Union spoke about the complexity of being married to a fashionable man who is “blessed” and her affinity for dropping thousands of people at the strip club.

Towards the start of the interview, Kimmel and Union opened things up by talking about the latter’s new book, You Do you have something stronger? Following on from 2017 We’re gonna need more wine, both mentioned that Union’s latest book includes everything from serious topics to fun, light-hearted shots.

Regarding this, the actress discussed writing about how she “absolutely” loves going to strip clubs. In fact, when Kimmel asked how often she dated them each year, Union replied, “Before the pandemic, I don’t know, 10 or 15 times I would say. “

“I am a connoisseur”, the Bring it on the actress added. “The ladies are very welcoming. “

Although shocking, Union went on to say that she was known to lose $ 10,000 to $ 20,000 in a single night at the strip club. “You don’t really think about it because of the alcohol,” she explained. “And you just want to make sure all the ladies come home with a little something.”

Later in the interview, Union got even more outspoken by unboxing her husband D-Wade’s fashion sense this summer. Of course, those who follow Union’s Instagram will know that the power torque has been sportingly coordinated the slackers all season – including a few blazer moments wearing Wade’s chest.

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As the late-night host jokingly asked if all of the NBA star’s jerseys were lost on the plane, Gabrielle explained that her baller husband “is firmly committed to shirtless summer.”

“And I was there for that,” Union told Kimmel. “I don’t often talk about her fashion choices, but I was there for it.”

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Discussing her husband’s fashion sense a bit more, the actress admitted that she must have curbed Wade’s affinity for slim pants in the past.

“And the thing about skinny pants, if you’re a blessed person – a blessed gentleman – I was like, ‘Uh, there’s a lot of information out there with that slim fit, with that particular fit,’ the actress told Wade – before adding, ‘I could see your pace cardiac. “

“I’ll give him a warning [if the pants are too revealing] that this could be a problem. He rarely listens, ”Union said. And then he said to me, ‘What is the eggplant emoji and why is it in my comments?’ “

When Kimmel asked if Wade “really doesn’t know” why people would flood his comments with the token NSFW emoji when he posted pictures of him in tight pants, Union replied, “He knows. now. I think that’s the point. I think this is the point of having his comments section filled with eggplants [emojis]. “

Watch the full interview below.

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