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Yahoo fantasy football is running a $ 1,000,000 contest with a $ 20 entry fee and 40,000 entries for week 12 of the NFL season, which means they add $ 200,000 to the prize pool. Let’s get into some Yahoo Daily Fantasy Picks for NFL lineups including Davante Adams, Cooper Kupp and more.

Week 12 NFL Yahoo Daily Fantasy Strategy and Choices

The key thing to remember is that Yahoo is a half PPR site and the minimum wage is $ 10, with an average salary per player of $ 22. This week, Tom brady is at the top of the salary list at $ 41. Full scoring settings can be found here.

One of the most valuable features of premium content is Alex Baker’s personal player rankings, for all major sports. Players score separately for each DFS site with scores for ‘projected points’ and’ value ‘, receiving a ballot-style rating from A to E. This week, as a special giveaway, Awesemo is also adding the’% Roster Which is the projected percentage that a player will be used in wide court tournaments.


If you’ve played fantasy football on Yahoo or Yahoo Fantasy Baseball on a daily basis, you know the strategy is to look for the cheapest quarterback or pitcher that is tolerable so that you can look for safer, more interesting points elsewhere. In the recommendations below, I’ll highlight several discount options on other positions so that you can create a framework that will allow for building a top quarterback’s lineup, as well as their preferred target while with a salary cap sufficient to bring him back with the best option of the opposing team.

Tom Brady: Tampa Bay Buccaneers – $ 41 | Awesemo note: A points, value D, List% 6.7%

While Tom brady is at the top of the salary list and he doesn’t add to his fantastic output with his legs, it allows us to get the future Hall of Famer with single digit popularity. Indianapolis is in the bottom third of the league against the pass and Tom Terrific leads the league with 317.7 passing yards and 2.9 aerial scores per game. While Antonio brown is still outside, Rob Gronkowski ($ 22) came back and set up six receptions for 71 yards on eight targets. This will give the Colts yet another safe receiver to consider whenever he’s on the pitch.

Tyrod Taylor: Houston Texans vs. New York Jets – $ 20 | Awesemo Rating: B Points, Value A, List% 21.2%

It’s a great match for a companion Tyrod taylor because the Jets have the second-worst rushing DVOA and the worst passing DVOA. There isn’t a lot of downside to Taylor’s salary since he’s at Yahoo minimum. While it might not be a flashy game, it should be able to approach the 20 Yahoo Fantasy points and with the flexibility of the salary cap it offers there are plenty of ways to develop more dynamic fantasy options.

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Jalen Hurts: Philadelphia Eagles vs. New York Giants – $ 35 | Awesemo note: A points, value C, List% 13.9%

Although he failed to pass 200 passing yards for the sixth time in his last seven games, Jalen hurts led the Eagles to a 40-29 victory over the Saints. While we couldn’t expect multiple rushing touchdowns with any regularity, Sunday was the third time this season he’s achieved that feat. The 69 rushing yards were the third greatest he’s had this season and at least he’s had more than 20 passing attempts for a second straight week. New York has a solid pass defense from an efficiency standpoint, however, they’re 30th against the rush and we know the Eagles are a rare team looking to use the run to prepare for the pass.

To recover

We want to keep in mind that while running backs are very important, Yahoo Fantasy uses a half PPR, which will not penalize running backs who are not as active in the passing game.

Christian McCaffrey: Carolina Panthers vs. Miami Dolphins – $ 40| Awesemo note: A points, value D, List% 25.6%

There are enough value options that we can easily afford recurring luxury. Christian mccaffrey this week. In his last two games, he’s recorded paired performances of over 21 Yahoo Fantasy points and that was accomplished with just one touchdown. In those games, he averaged 11.5 carries for 77 yards with 9.0 targets for 8.5 receptions and 63 receiving yards. Sure Cam Newton is going to be a threat to the vulture any red zone carries, but at least he’s provided enough spark to keep the opposition on their toes and not completely grab McCaffrey.

James Robinson: Jacksonville Jaguars vs. Atlanta Falcons – $ 27 | Awesemo Rating: B Points, C Value, Roster% 32.0%

Jacksonville has a cherry-picking clash on Sunday in what is a winnable game where they are just two-point underdogs at home. James robinson solidified the running back opportunities and now he’s getting a clash against a Falcons’ last-five defense. Robinson has totaled double-digit fantasy points in six of his last seven games, including five with over 16 Yahoo Fantasy points. Touchdowns have been his calling card and he continues to be the primary red zone option for the Jaguars while doing just enough in the passing game to keep things interesting no matter how the game unfolds.

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Miles Sanders: Philadelphia Eagles vs. New York Giants – $ 17 | Awesemo Rating: B Points, Value A, List% 13.9%

Salary and matching certainly do Miles sanders one of the best point per dollar options this week. Although he has only seen one target and had two in his last two games, he clocked a season-high with 16 carries for 94 yards after missing nearly a month due to ‘an ankle injury. It would be a wise decision not to force Sanders into numerous lineups with his quarterback as there aren’t enough touchdowns available to help them both have outstanding fantastic performances. Sanders is still on the hunt for his first trip to the end zone, and there’s a good chance it will happen on Sunday.

Wide receiver

The price of high-end Yahoo fancy options is usually between $ 30 and $ 30. Often times, they are best paired with their quarterbacks for upside tournaments rather than risking solo drops.

Davante Adams: Green Bay Packers vs. Los Angeles Rams – $ 31 | Awesemo Rating: A Points, D Value, List% 16.8%

The Rams have one of the best defenses in the league, however, Davante Adams is easily one of the top three receivers. It helps that the former Fresno State Bulldog has a future Hall of Fame quarterback leading the offense. The most important thing, however, is almost all of the double-digit locked targets. For the season, Adams is fourth on targets, third with 97.9 receiving yards and the five touchdowns are solid, but not as numerous as last season. It should be a fun game to watch in what is shaping up to be a back-and-forth affair.

Cooper Kupp: Los Angeles Rams vs. Green Bay Packers – $ 36 | Awesemo Rating: A Points, D Value, List% 19.1%

This season Cooper Kupp has taken a giant leap to become one of the league’s top three receivers. Currently he sits at the top of the standings in targets, yards, touchdowns, 20+ yards, first downs and second at just Deebo Samuel in meters after capture. Chemistry with his new quarterback, Matthieu Stafford ($ 29) has been amazing as they both elevate each other to career seasons.

Brandin Cooks: Houston Texans vs. New York Jets – $ 13 | Awesemo Rating: B Points, A Value, List% 17.5%

This is one of the best pieces in all of slate and although Brandin Cook’s popularity should double by kickoff, we should be looking to roll with him in at least half of our rosters. Although he only saw three targets last week, he should be in the 8-10 range against the distressing Jets. We can also use it in the same lineups as Taylor for additional synergy while loading all other positions.

Tight ends

Pat Freiermuth: Pittsburgh Steelers to Cincinnati Bengals – $ 17 | Awesemo Rating: C Points, D Value, List% 3.2%

Eric Ebron (knee) is out again, so that means rookie Pat Freiermuth is the undisputed top tight end for the Steelers. In his last five games, he’s totaled over 6 targets in each with over 31 yards on four and four touchdowns. It’s only a matter of time before he breaks over 20 yards or two down the middle with a touchdown and flirts with over 20 Yahoo Fantasy points.

George Kittle: San Francisco 49ers vs. Minnesota Vikings – $ 24 | Awesemo Rating: A Points, D Value, List% 15.0%

In his three games back from a long absence due to injury, George kittle reminded everyone that he’s one of the best tight ends in the game. In that stretch, he’s averaging 6.3 targets with 5.0 receptions, 61.7 yards with a touchdown in every game. It is clear that he is currently producing numbers which are almost as good as at any point in his career and we should fit that into our plans on Sunday in what could be a very fancy environment.

Defense / Special teams

This week, there’s a top-notch unit and a familiar bargain option.

Houston Texans vs. New York Jets – $ 14 | Awesemo Rating: A Points, C Value, Roster% 5.8%

Once players start to see that there is no need to go for the extreme punt options, this unit will approach 20% on the popularity meter. In back-to-back games, Houston has recorded over 15 Yahoo Fantasy points and they get another great game against an out-of-bounds offensive line against a rookie quarterback who just missed a month with a sprained knee.

New England Patriots vs. Tennessee Titans – $ 19 | Awesemo Rating: B Points, E Value, List% 7.6%

Once again, Bill Belichick has put together one of the most effective defenses in the league. While things have looked volatile in the first six weeks of the season, over the past month and change the Patriots have once again been incredible. In that streak, excluding the three return touchdowns, they still averaged 13.2 Yahoo Fantasy points per game. On Sunday, they will face the Titans who don’t have all of their key receivers and are on their fifth string. Enjoy!

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