Founder of American football drummer and trumpeter Steve Lamos leaves the group

Steve Lamos, founding drummer, percussionist and trumpeter of Illinois’ emo pillars, American football, has left the group.

Lamos announced his departure on American football social media pages, sharing a statement in which he attributed the decision to a change in his personal circumstances.

“After many years with American football, my life situation has changed. Unfortunately, I now have to leave the group, ”he wrote.

“I want to thank Mike, Holmes, Nate, Garzon and Cory; Amber, Cara and Butch; Jason, Jim and Todd; Matt, Darcie, Seth and everyone else at Polyvinyl; Atiba, Damien, Evan, SB, Sarah V, Dan, Sarah T, Meric, Logan and the many other amazing artists and people I have come to know through AF.

“I wish you all the best as the group moves on to its next phase. Finally, I would like to thank the AF fans: you have given me some really amazing experiences and some really amazing memories. I am deeply grateful.

Lamos has played with American football since its inception in 1997, founding the group alongside frontman Mike Kinsella and guitarist Steve Holmes. Together, they released an eponymous album in 1999 – which would go on to become one of the emo genre’s most iconic releases – before going their separate ways the following year.

The group reformed in 2014 with the addition of Kinsella’s cousin Nate on bass, releasing two more eponymous albums in 2016 and 2019.

NME gave this latest release, highlighted by Hayley Williams’ single “Uncomfortably Numb”, a four-star review. In it, writer Tom Connick hailed the eight-track LP as “a record that is both classic in intonation and forward-looking in intention.”

“As the edges of emo continue to unravel, nestled among hip-hop and electronics in the mainstream, American football remains the group best versed in its traditional sensibilities,” Connick continued. “No longer a bunch of nostalgic bangers, American football is back at the top of the pile.”

Last April, the group made waves for their headlining performance at a virtual festival held in Minecraft, and for their timely split-screen cover of “Stay Home” from 1999.

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