Ferrisburgh Meeting Hall’s historic spire gets some attention

FERRISBURGH, Vt. (WCAX) – The Ferrisburgh Union boardroom needs a little attention, and part of that remodel began on Friday.

Friday was match day at the Union Meeting Hall in Ferrisburgh. The historic structure is on the verge of a facelift. The crews will dismantle the bell tower for repair.

“It’s just the age and wear of the siding and trim,” said Dan Cockerline of Skipjack Building.

In 1840, the Baptist, Congregational, and Methodist congregations in the community built the church together. “They joined forces and raised enough money to build a meeting house, which they called the Union Meeting Room,” said city maintenance committee Jean Richardson Ferrisburgh.

Former slave and abolitionist Fredrick Douglass delivered a speech to the Hall in 1843.

“It’s an incredibly beautiful building. There are 11 Gothic windows and natural light inside. It’s the most beautiful meeting space, ”said Richardson.

The cost of renovating the meeting room could run up to over half a million dollars. Years ago, the city set aside $ 70,000 to repair the steeple.

Cockerline and her crew have already done the preparation work. If all goes well, it will just slip away, ”he said.

Three men inside the steeple tie up the structure, unbolt it, then drop it. What took months of planning took less than an hour to come to fruition. “I think it’s a great relief to have this thing on the pitch,” said Cockerline. Now he has his own “steeplechase”, a race to repair and position the structure before “Ferrisburgh Day” at the end of September.

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