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If you want to use any of these photos for purposes of research, education or science popularization, feel free, but don't forget to quote my name and the site's address.

Nobody is authorized to profit from my photos!

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Most photos were made by me during fieldwork, but some of them were lent by colleagues.Legends include scientific names, popular names and diet.

See also my publications about some of these species.

Species identification: to identify these species, I needed years of experience, taxonomic keys, and the help of colleagues (the team of Prof. Adriano Peracchi, UFRRJ). In most cases, it is not possible to identify bats only by photos. Characters like teeth and skull morphology have to be examined in some cases, making it necessary to bring specimens to a lab. In order for photos to be helpful for bat identification, they need to have good quality, and be  generally macros or close-ups. See also the great tutorial on bat photography by Merlin Tuttle, founder of Bat Conservation International.


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        Carollia perspicillata



        Desmodus rotundus

        Diaemus youngii



        Anoura caudifera

       Glossophaga soricina


        Chrotopterus auritus

        Micronycteris megalotis

        Micronycteris minuta

        Mimon bennettii

        Mimon crenulatum

        Phylloderma stenops

        Phyllostomus hastatus

        Tonatia bidens

        Trachops cirrhosus


        Artibeus fimbriatus

        Artibeus lituratus

        Artibeus obscurus

        Chiroderma villosum

        Platyrrhinus lineatus

        Pygoderma bilabiatum

        Sturnira lilium

        Sturnira tildae

        Vampyressa pusilla


        Peropteryx kappleri


        Molossus ater

        Nyctinomops laticaudatus


        Noctilio leporinus


        Eptesicus brasiliensis

        Myotis nigricans

TOTAL: 29 espécies.


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Carollia perspicillata, short-tailed fruit bat, fruits, nectar, pollen, insects


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Diaemus youngii, white-winged vampire bat, blood

Desmodus rotundus, common vampire bat, blood


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Anoura caudifer,  nectar, pollen, fruits,  insects

Glossophaga soricina, nectar, pollen, fruits,  insects.


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Chrotopterus auritus, vertebrates, insects

Tonatia bidens, cvertebrates, insects

Micronycteris megalotis, insects

Micronycteris minuta, insects

Mimon bennettii, insects, fruits

Mimon crenulatum, insects

Phylloderma stenops, vertebrates, insects, fruits

Phyllostomus hastatus, vertebrates, insects, fruits, nectar, pollen

  Trachops cirrhosus, frog-eating bat, frogs, insects.



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Artibeus lituratus, fruits, leaves, nectar, pollen, insects

Artibeus obscurus,  fruits, leaves, nectar, pollen, insects

Artibeus fimbriatus  fruits, leaves, nectar, pollen

Platyrrhinus lineatus,  fruits, leaves, nectar, pollen

Pygoderma bilabiatum fruits, nectar, pollen

Sturnira lilium  yellow-shouldered bat, fruits, nectar, pollen

Chiroderma villosum,  fruits, seeds, nectar, pollen, insects.

Sturnira tildae  fruits, nectar, pollen,

Vampyressa pusilla  fruits, nectar, pollen, insects



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Molossus ater, insects

Nyctinomops laticaudatus, insects


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Peropteryx kappleri, insects


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Noctilio leporinus, bulldog bat or fisherman bat, fishes, insects


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Eptesicus brasiliensis, insects

Myotis nigricans, insects