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This website was created by me, Marco A. R. Mello.

Click here to see my curriculum vitae in the Lattes System of CNPq.

TOPICS OF INTEREST: Bats, Ecology, Plant-Animal Interactions, Frugivory, Seed Dispersal, Science Popularization and Phylosophy of Science.

CURRENT POSITION: I'm working as an Associate Researcher at the Departamento de Botânica of UFSCar.

EDUCATION: B.Sc. Biology (Ecology) at UFRJ, M.Sc. Biology (Ecology) at UERJ, and Ph.D. Ecology at UNICAMP and UNI-ULM.

SCIENCE POPULARIZATION - besides my scientific publications, I also write articles for science magazines, newspapers and give interviews to TV shows.

PUBLICATIONS - see my list of publications, some of them available as PDFs.

COURSES & TALKS - I use to give courses and talks on bats and ecology at universities and during scientific meetings. Please contact me, if you want me to participate in your event.

SCIENTIFIC ORGANIZATIONS - I'm the secretary of Sociedade Brasileira para o Estudo dos Quirópteros, and a member of Sociedade Brasileira para o Progresso da Ciência and American Society of Mammalogists.


To contact me, ask questions and make any suggestions, you may participate in the website's forum, or send me an e-mail.