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With the local racing season coming to an end at Emo Speedway this weekend, the drivers ended the season with one or two hits and some incredible racing action for the fans. With 3 championship battles on the line, every point mattered, and the race track itself was not going to be easy for anyone. With all the rain this weekend, the track started to develop large ruts in all 4 corners on Saturday night which created an ever changing and challenging race track for the Weekend Warriors. However, by the time the pilots returned on Sunday, the volunteers had been working the clay all day and fixing any inconsistencies to give the pilots a smooth and fast race track to wrap up the championship battles. This weekend during the 1st From the 2-day Race for the Fallen Memorial, all the riders took part in a parade of the track to honor all of the racing family members who lost their lives and has become an annual tradition. Thank you to all the fans who joined us this weekend for our season finale and we hope all the racing action this weekend will bind you until next spring.

The Emo Street Stocks were eager to put on a show for fans with 3 and 4 wide runs throughout the first qualifying race. Despite all the action, the No.12 David Caruk managed to methodically work his way through the peloton and make his way to the first qualifying race victory of the night. The second qualifying race saw an exciting run to the finish as # 33 Garrett Gamsby was able to take the high line and win over # 15R Raice Westover and go door-to-door to the finish line. at the arrival. The three most dominant cars of the evening quickly found themselves in the lead in the main race. With three restarts throughout the feature, no driver has been able to secure a dominant lead. However, on the last reboot, Gamsby managed to hold a Westover in charge for his 1st characteristic victory of the season.

Raice Westover, James Lambert and Jeff Davis won the championship titles of the season in their respective car classes at Emo Speedway. Volunteers worked to repair the rain damage on the track, in an exciting way to end a successful racing season. – Erika Sheppard photo

Top 3

  1. # 33 Garrett Gamsby
  2. # 15R Raice Westover
  3. # 12 David Caruk

On Sunday all the riders knew it was time to go further or come home with some aggressive driving early in the night. In the first qualifying race, Gamsby continued to be a force to be reckoned with in winning their qualifying race. However, it had to deal with several restarts, including a serious accident, between Andrew Trimble’s No.7 and Doug Derendorf’s No.28 which saw both drivers take their battered cars straight to the pits for repair. In the second heat, Westover and Tylar Wilson’s # 500 took a big early lead. As the laps started to decrease, Caruk started to catch up with Wilson going door to door until the finish. In the feature film, Gamsby and Westover were able to take the lead and hold the field with Westover taking the win. As the leaders clashed, the midfielder battled for position with Jesse Thompson and Wilson’s # 3X beating the rest for the top 5.

Top 3 –

  1. # 15R Raice Westover
  2. # 12 David Caruk
  3. # 33 Garrett Gamsby

With a field of 26 cars, the Wissota Midwest Modifieds had plenty of races ready for the fans. In the opening races, the best battles could be found for 4e place because only the first 4 would be guaranteed a starting place in the main race. But despite the hectic starts, the 4 qualifying races took place without warning. As the ruts started to become noticeable in the main B, the more flexible drivers started to run new racing lines and quickly moved forward. In the star race, the drivers found a new opponent for the evening, the race track. With a rough surface and jumping cars, there was contact throughout the peloton which ultimately prevented a third of the peloton from completing the race. Despite the 3 restarts, the first 5 managed to hold the peloton throughout the race, the # 621 of Colin Chaschuk finally winning his first victory of the season.

Top 3 –

  1. # 621 Colin Chaschuk
  2. # 85 Jamie Davis
  3. # 3D Kevin Monteith

As soon as the pilots entered the track on Sunday, impatience was in the air and the first pilot to take action was the # 4B of Brandon Rehill who tried to go 3 wide, with the # 06 of Mike Wilson and Holly Campbell’s # 23C, but the 3 drivers quickly ran out of room and found themselves with Wilson going off the track. After a brief red flag run, the action continued, allowing Rehill to take the lead and wait for the finish. In the third heat, all the riders were battling for position when James Lambert’s # 59X made a solitary spin into Turn 2, while a U-turn later Doug Wakefield’s # 79 spun into the turn 4 and left Patrick Davis # 10D nowhere to go, wide siding the exterior retaining wall. After another short red flag, Tanner Williamson’s # 88 continued his winning streak from the weekend by winning the qualifying race. With all the carnage of the qualifying races, the 2 championship leaders, Lambert and Davis, quickly fell behind. As the green flag flew over the main race, there were 4 warning flags for one or two car laps, forcing our early leaders to work very hard to defend their positions. As the laps began to decrease, the drivers became more and more aggressive, causing several cars to pile up in Turn 3. Most of the drivers suffered only cosmetic damage, but with so few laps they were left with only cosmetic damage. would not be able to make the necessary ground. With a good start in the final reboot, Chaschuk managed to fend off all the contenders to win his 2sd straight line.

Top 3 –

  1. # 621 Colin Chaschuk
  2. # 33C Cole Tchernosky
  3. # 4B Brandon Rehill

In Wissota Modified’s first qualifying race, John Toppozini’s # T23 and Brady Caul’s # 50 very quickly found themselves in front with Caul taking the final victory, but had to work hard to defend his positions thanks to 2 restarts. both provoked. by simple car rides. In the second heat, Tanner Williamson’s No.88 got off to a great start and managed to hold the field for the win. However, while Williamson enjoyed an open race track, drivers further into the park were going door to door for every available position. In the feature film, the ruts had turned into big speed bumps causing problems for several drivers all over the course and even causing pieces of the car body to come off. The race quickly turned into an attrition race as Cameron Brown’s # 4JR and Raice Westover’s # 15R both spun on their own as they led the field. But as the dust settles, three pilots who started in the middle of the peloton methodically found their way to the top 3.

Top 3 –

  1. # 88 Tanner Williamson
  2. # 21 Matt DePiero
  3. # 85D Jeff Davis

Sunday in the first round the # 4C of Chris Bouwman found the front of the field early and left the battle for 2sd to Caul and Brown, who fought door to door throughout the race, with Brown getting the better of Caul at the finish line. In the second qualifying race, Jeff Davis in the # 85D and Toppozini quickly made their way through the entire field until they encountered the so far unstoppable Williamson. In the feature film, the winners of the qualifying races of Bouwman and Williamson took the lead as soon as the green flag fell. As the laps continued, # 21 Championship contenders Matt DePiero and Davis found themselves leading the pack with 5e and 3rd place ends respectively.

Top 3 –

  1. # 88 Tanner Williamson
  2. # 4C Chris Bouwman
  3. # 85D Jeff Davis

Championship ranking

After a dominant season, winning 7 of 11 main races, Raice Westover was able to easily clinch the title to win his second consecutive championship. Although they haven’t won a main race this season, consistency paid off for Sierra Happy and Lyle Thompson as they maintained a 76-point lead out of 4.e Garrett Gamsby Square.

Emo Street Actions

  1. # 15R Raice Westover – 1171pts.
  2. # 54X Happy Sierra -152pts.
  3. # 24T Lyle Thompson -192pts.

In the tightest points battle this season, every position and point has been important all weekend. Despite being involved in crashes early on Sunday night, James Lambert and Patrick Davis managed to advance to the main race to defend their points lead throughout the season. Despite finishing in the Top 4 on both nights, Brandon Rehill didn’t quite manage to close the points gap that Lambert and Davis have been able to build up all season.

Wissota Midwest modified

  1. # 59X James Lambert 908pts.
  2. # 10D Patrick Davis -10pts.
  3. # 4B Brandon Rehill -35pts.

Consistency paid off for the top 3 Wissota Modifieds as they were able to build more than a race lead over 3-time winner Brody Strachan. With zero finishes outside the top 10, Jeff Davis was able to stay ahead of the whole peloton. While with a dominant of 8 of 11 in the top 5, Matt DePiero managed to land a 2sd place the finish.

Wissota modified

  1. # 85D Jeff Davis 1116pts.
  2. # 21 Matt DePiero -58pts.
  3. # 4JR Cameron Brown -93pts.

Thank you to all the fans and sponsors who have joined us for the Saturday night clay track action this season, because without all your support the Emo Speedway would not be here. A big thank you also to all the riders who came and put on an incredible show for our fans throughout the season. Finally, thank you to all the volunteers who spend countless hours of their summer preparing all of the race facilities so that not only our drivers have a place to fight, but also all the fans can enjoy the ride. racing action. If you would like to get involved with the Borderland Racing Association, please contact the board of directors via www.borderlandracing.com or the Emo Speedway Facebook page. We’ll be back next spring with another season of racing action!


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