Eight consecutive days of rain are expected to hit Australia next week

Hi i am your a weather, and do I have any news for you. All of you lonely Australians brace yourself and make sure you do NOT leave those umbrellas at home. Apparently we’re all ready to get wet, so get ready to slide down your driveway in an inflatable tube, folks.

According to Weather report, Mother Nature’s wet whip will be sweeping states and territories today through next week, with a “month” of rain forecast in just a few days.

Yes you read that right folks, your house will be watered and your pets will be wet from today until around next Thursday, with the worst results expected for parts of Victoria, NSW and Tasmania.

The forecast predicts that we will have eight consecutive days of splish pellets launched at us from the Gates of Heaven, with the possibility of flash floods and thunderstorms accompanying them.

“It will be a constant and intense rain,” said a spokesperson for Sky News Weather. News.com.au.

“This could lead to some places being under flood watch or minor flood warnings.”

Most of Victoria and Tassie are expected to be the hardest hit, with 25mm of heavy rain expected as well as a few Zeus zaps, starting Wednesday evening.

It has already been reported that over 180,000 Eastern Victorian homes lost electricity, and that many more will follow soon.

As for the people of New South Wales, the worst is expected to strike in the middle of next week, with West Sydney due to be whipped with a ridiculous amount of tears in the skies on Wednesday.

As for the other states and territories, things are not looking so bad.

South Australia and Western Australia are expected to be blessed with rays over the next few days, with a low probability of cloudiness.

Queensland promises to be briefly sunny, with a very good chance of avoiding an aquatic flogging soon enough.

The five of you in Canberra can expect it to rain tomorrow through next week, which is probably bothering at least one of you, and those of us around the Northern Territory should be prepared. on heavy days with ominous clouds, with a decent chance of rain.

Hell, at least there aren’t any tornadoes this time around. Stay safe there guys!

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