Danny Trejo just got his own wax figure, and I’m both amazed and intimidated

Can you imagine a better way to be immortalized than in wax? Probably, but that doesn’t mean having your own wax sculpture that looks strangely like you isn’t something you can be incredibly proud of. Madame Tussaud’s wax museum has just been added a new wax figure, and this time Danny Trejo was the muse. The Machete actor’s new wax doppelganger is scary realism and it’s a little intimidating

I don’t think I’ve ever seen the stoic actor as excited as he was when he unveiled his new figure. The Spy on children the actor shared Madame Tussaud’s post about his resemblance to his Instagram, and he seems delighted. You can watch the video below which depicts the actor alongside his wax version of himself:

The wax figure stands upright, arms outstretched, shirtless and showing off Danny Trejo’s unmistakable tattoos spread across his chest, back, and arms. I guess imitating a star’s tattoos is a little harder to achieve but, in truth Ink master style, the artists have completely nailed the portrayal of each of them, both his prison tattoos and the ones he did after being behind bars.

Danny Trejo is a badass, a fact that has proven time and time again. The man watches over his colleagues and holds the first place for the actor who was killed the most on the screen. Although honestly, the death toll of his characters is probably this high up in the ranks as well. The artists behind his new wax figure certainly had the “badass” look, as I wouldn’t want to play with this statue.

Fans of the actor are full of support in the comments, coming up with countless fiery emojis and congratulations on the actor’s new honor. Trejo is seen in the video talking about how important having a wax figure is, and you can really see the joy it brings him.

As long as the wax figure is kept at Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum, the beloved star will be immortalized and her legacy will stand firmly alongside other Hollywood icons. He has appeared in over 300 films, which makes him quite a recognizable star. But his work is still not done, as he continues to work on an impressive number of projects. At present, it has 25 completed, ongoing or announced projects.

It’s safe to say that we have a lot of Danny Trejo in our future to enjoy, and unless this wax figure can move and act for him, I have no idea how the From dusk to dawn the actor has time to make so many films. And did I mention that he also has eight restaurants? As realistic as this wax figure, it might come to life and help lighten the load of whatever is on Trejo’s plate.

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