Common language protocol connects machines and people

Industry 4.0 Common language protocol connects machines and people

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Germany – The trade fair business has been hit hard in recent months. For over a year, most of us were forced to stay at home, organize work from home offices, and stop traveling the world on business trips. What could be more convincing in these times than a global production language to connect not only machines, but also people?

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Umati (Universal Machine Technology Interface) is a community of machine building industries and their customers for the promotion and adoption of open and standardized interfaces based on OPC UA.

The global production language Umati has made great strides in the past twelve months. The first version of the OPC 40501-1 UA specifications for machine tools was released in September 2020. All companies that manufacture machines, components such as controllers, software for machine tools and computer systems in the production environment develop and refine their products based on this specification – worldwide and free of charge. It was also the first to be published with reference to the Comprehensive Specification for the Entire Machinery and Plant Engineering Industry, OPC 40001-1 UA for Machinery.

In October 2021, EMO Milano was the first occasion in a long time where everyone could meet in person on an international stage. Umati was also present – with its own stand, an information event and a live demonstration. More than 50 machines were connected, almost half of them remotely. Via the updated Umati dashboard, interested parties could directly observe their activity and status. Several woodworking machines were also present for the first time. They had been integrated into the Umati ecosystem via the OPC 40550 UA for Woodworking specification a week earlier in Ligna.

In addition, the connectivity of IT, MES and ERP systems has been proven during the first implementations of production ready interfaces in well-known MES systems by our partners mpdv, IGH-Infotec and Orchestra.

Umati has grown into a community of over 200 strong partners, meaning that 61 companies and organizations have joined forces to develop new specifications for a global production language in 2021. Umati will be present at both Grindinghub and Metav 2022 .

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