Here is a list of important software used by biologists, mainly ecologists, interested in different topics. They have different kinds of licenses, like freeware, shareware, open source and commercial only. Details may be seen in the respective websites.



Complex networks

Systat:  descriptive stats, univariate stats and some multivariate procedures.


Aninhado: software for calculating matrix temperature for several matrixes at the same time, also able to estimate probabilities according to four different null models.

SPSS: statistic package that works in modules, including all kinds of analyses and also allowing the user to develop own modules.


Ataque: simulation of species extinction in complex networks.

BioEstat: descriptive stats and univariate tests.


Pajek: graphical analysis of complex networks.

Oriana: circular stats.


Nestedness Calculator: calculation of matrix temperature in one matrix at a time.

Resampling Stats: tests based on resampling procedures.






Spatial analysis

Analytic Rarefaction: makes calculations for building rarefaction curves based on Hurlbert’s (1971) index.


ArcView: geographic information system.

EstimateS: several kinds of community ecology indexes, including estimation of species richness.


SPRING: geographic information system.

Ecosim: analysis of null models in community ecology.


Imagine: analysis of satellite images.

Biodiversity Pro: community ecology indexes.


Animal Movement: ArcGIS extension for analyzing animal movements.


X-Tools: extensão do ArcGIS usada para medidas espaciais.



Spatial Analyst: ArcGIS extension for making spatial estimates.

Gap Light Analyzer: software for analyzing canopy cover and illumination in natural environments.


LOAS: anaysis of telemetry data.