Quick guides

In order to hep my students, I wrote some quick guides that aim to fulfill some gaps in their education. Those guides teach the basics on how to elaborate projects, articles, talks and posters. If you want further info, please contact me or participate in my courses. Unfortunately, there are no English versions by now, but I am working on translations.

Independent articles

Here I publish opinion texts that did not find a place in regular science popularization magazines, because their ideas are not yet accepted by the national academic community. I am working on translations too.

Bat sites

  • Bat Conservation International:

  • Bat/Plant Interactions in the Neotropics:

  • Instituto Pasteur, Morcegos:

  • Instituto Biológico, Morcegos:

  • Wikipédia, Morcego:

  • Wikipedia, Bat:

  • Basically Bats:

  • The Bat Conservation Trust:

  • AMNH, Chiroptera:

  • ADW, Chiroptera:

  • Lubee Bat Conservancy:

  • Sydney Bats:

  • Barbastella:

  • Fledermauskunde:

  • Noctilio:

  • Projeto Pró-Morcegos:

The books cited below may be bought in different online bookstores, especially:


  • NHBS

Important books about bats

  • Altringham JD. 1998. Bats: biology and behaviour. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

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General books on mammals and their food-plants

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Science popularization articles on bats

  • Bernard E. 2003. Ecos na escuridão. Ciência Hoje 32(190): 14-20.

  • Bernard E. 2005. Morcegos vampiros: sangue, raiva e preconceito. Ciência Hoje 36(214): 44-49.

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Scientific search engines

  • Thomson Scientific (WoS, JCR)

  • Scirus

  • Periódicos da CAPES

  • Scielo

  • Google Scholar

  • Google Books

Scientific journals on bats and other mammals

  • Journal of Mammalogy

  • Mammalian Species

  • Acta Chiropterologica

  • Mammalian Biology

  • Acta Theriologica

  • Mammalia

  • Bat Research News

  • Chiroptera Neotropical

  • Mastozoologia Neotropical

  • Myotis

Sites on mutualism and coevolution:

  • Pedro Jordano

  • Paulo R. Guimarães Jr.

  • John N. Thompson

  • Jordi Bascompte

  • Mauro Galleti

  • Theodore Fleming

  • Elisabeth Kalko

  • Frubase

  • Bat-Plant Databases

  • Neofrug

  • Interaction Web Database

  • Fruit and Seed Dispersal

  • Fig-eating by Vertebrate Frugivores

  • Wikipedia: Biological Dispersal

  • Seed Dispersal

  • Seed Dispersal

  • Biology of Plants: Seed Dispersal

Scientific sites about other subjects:

  • Daniel Loebmann - science and photography.

  • Daniela Takiya - leafhoppers (Homoptera).



Rationalism, skepticism and freethinking:

  • Richard Dawkins Website

  • Projeto Ockham

  • Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster