Cardi B wants to be in ‘You’ after becoming Penn Badgley’s best friend

If there was one thing I didn’t really see coming in 2021, it was Penn Badgley and Cardi B becoming instant besties on Twitter. But it’s happening and, honestly, it was a joy to witness it.

– Spoilers for You Season 3 coming soon –

It all started when Cardi B stumbled upon a video of Penn Badgley mentioning the rapper during the 2019 press for the first season of You.

While discussing how his character Joe reveals the unsettling nature of social media, Badgley praised those who can use it as a tool because they have genuine relationships with their audiences.

“You see me, when I try to do something on social media, it’s pathetic. I think about it too much, so when I use it it actually lacks that authenticity… that fluidity, ”Badgley said.

“So I really appreciate people who have this kind of totally natural relationship with [social media] because that’s when you have something meaningful to post, then it really comes true and people appreciate it all the more.

“Cardi B is a perfect example”, the You star continued. “She has such a genuine relationship and for me it’s an incredibly nuanced place… and that’s why people love her so much.”

In response, Cardi B absolutely lost her shit while Penn Badgley was just… at a loss for words.

“OOOOMMFFFGGGGGG HE KNOWS ME !!!” Cardi B tweeted with eight shocking emojis. “OMMGGGG !!!!!! Yoooo like I’m famous famous.

“I…” Badgley said in response.

But if this eerily healthy interaction wasn’t enough, Badgley and Cardi B took it a step further and decided to swap display images to solidify their newfound friendship.

Feeling confident with their new connection, Cardi B then decided to start enrolling in the confirmed season 4 of You.

As we saw at the end of Season 3, Joe found himself in Paris after murdering Love and faking his own death to escape the mess the couple left Madre Linda.

Knowing that we let Joe desperately search for Marianne, his latest obsession, in France, Cardi B decided to skip this plot point to hopefully help the show’s writers and land a future role on the show. .

“So it’s episode 1 and I’m at Paris Fashion Week to shut it down!” I turn around and you find yourself, ”Cardi B tweeted jokingly. “Ok finished it @netflix. “

Playing the game, Netflix and the new senders of Badgley-B decided to mix up the lyrics of “WAP” to make them suitable for You-niverse. And the result? Truly iconic scenes.

Forget about pandemic storylines and series reflecting real world events, this real love story is the only one I’m desperate to see on screen.

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