Best FREE bets on the same game Monday 1/3

Betting on the same game is one of the most exciting new forms of sports betting. Not only are the payouts potentially huge, they can also be + EV. Since all bets take place in the same contest, this allows you to create a story that can pay off royally if he succeeds. Parlays of the same game just get even better with the help of OddsShopper. It allows you to view all the different bets available for each game compared to the NBA Awesemo projections. The greater the gap between the line and the projection, the higher the stake is + EV. This makes it easy for you to find the best NBA betting choices. Let’s dive into some of the best picks and parlays in the NBA tonight.

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Best NBA Parlay Game Tonight: Hornets vs Wizards

The first step is to find which sport you are going to bet on, so that the banner at the top of the screen separates the sports. Once you are on the NBA page it is very easy to customize what you are looking for in terms of teams and players on the left side of the page.

Now, if you miss any of the ratings highlighted in the article because it has changed, don’t worry. The lines do not always stay the same because they are updated every two minutes. There will be examples of when you can still bet based on Awesemo’s projections. It’s also easy to sort the props based on the style you want to bet, meaning you can choose the highest ROI or the highest expected win rate.

As a general rule of thumb, the best approach is to combine the highest ROI with the expected success rate, and this process should take less than 30 seconds to filter what you’re looking for. The bets highlighted in the article can also be wagered individually, so if the bet misses a leg it is not a total loss.

Bradley Under 9.5 assists and over 27.5 points

The Wizards have recently played without virtually all of their pointers, which has forced Beal to take on a bigger role as a distributor. He’s racked up at least 10 cents in consecutive games, including a career-high 17 in his last outing.

Yet Beal is not a natural distributor. He’s distributed nine or fewer assists in 27 of 30 games this season, so his assist prop has been inflated by his recent performances.

If Beal’s total assists go down, it makes sense to back him up as a goalscorer. It’s what Beal does best, and he’s averaged at least 30.5 points per game in each of the past two seasons. He hasn’t been as good in that department this season – he’s averaging just 23.6 points per game – but his shooting efficiency has waned. Beal has better scored the ball recently, averaging 29.8 points in his previous five games.

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The Hornets also represent an elite clash for Beal’s goal prospects. They have played at the fastest pace in the league this season, and are only 28th in defensive efficiency. The Wizards are currently involved at 116.5 points, which is a huge increase from their seasonal average of 106.5.

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Miles Bridges Over 17.5 points, 5.5 rebounds, 2.5 assists

Bridges returned to the lineup after a brief two-game absence, but was limited to just 25.6 minutes in his first comeback. However, that game turned into a blowout, with the Hornets ultimately losing 34 points to the Suns.

He should take a significant step forward in playing time against the Wizards. He’s thrown for 35.9 minutes and Bridges is an elite target in the gamer aftermarket if he plays that much. He’s averaging 19.5 points, 7.1 rebounds and 3.7 assists every 36 minutes this season, so all of his current numbers are too low. The Wizards rank 23rd in defensive efficiency, so the Hornets also have more offensive advantages than usual.

Kyle Kuzma Under 18.5 points

Adding this bet to the previous five increases the potential payout on this bet of the same game to around +2200.

Kuzma has scored the ball recently, averaging 25.3 points in his last three games. That said, he pulled an unsustainable rate of 57.4% from the field. He’s only averaging 13.9 points per game this season, so he seems like a prime candidate for regression going forward.

Overall, OddsShopper gives Kuzma a 68% chance of hitting the underside with 18.5 points. This makes it more than enough to add to our same game parlay.

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