Adrien Brody on ‘Chapelwaite’: I romanticized cinema films but I was not opposed to making series

Oscar winner Adrien Brody said his decision to headlining the upcoming series ‘Chapelwaite’ came from his desire to explore the long format, particularly at a time when the The ‘narrative structure’ of the narrative has undergone a change.

Brody, known for appearing in acclaimed projects like ‘The Pianist’, ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel’ and ‘Midnight in Paris’, will be seen on the horror TV show ‘Chapelwaite’ .

The 10-episode show, based on the short story “Jerusalem’s Lot” from horror master Stephen King, is Brody’s first full-fledged series after appearing in a recurring role in the popular crime drama “Peaky Blinders” from the BBC. .

In a group interview on Zoom, Brody said that while he was always more inclined to appear in motion pictures, he is adjusting to changing times with ‘Chapelwaite’.

“Right now there is a tremendous amount of work for actors in episodic series of limited or longer form. We have entered a new era in storytelling and narrative structure. Most of my contemporaries have adapted and found meaningful work. To be honest, part of me was clinging to what I grew up on, loved and romanticized on, which is independent cinema that has a theatrical tour, ”the 48-year-old actor said.

“ Where audiences can come together in a dark room and strangers can unite in this common thing and be transported somewhere else … I wasn’t averse to doing TV, I hadn’t found something that really spoke to me. I wasn’t necessarily actively pursuing it, ”he added.

Set in the 1850s, the show features Brody as Captain Charles Boone, who, after his wife’s death, returns with his children to the family’s ancestral home, Chapelwaite.

The offer to star on the show, the actor said, came to him while he was in the middle of a trek through the Himalayas.

He had to make a decision at high altitude and in “very low oxygen”, Brody joked.

“ I hadn’t decided to do TV, I played a bit in ‘Peaky Blinders’ but hadn’t signed on to star on an episodic show at the time. (But) I really liked the significance of the trip for the man. I thought it would be a challenge. I love gothic horror. I loved the role. It spoke to me … on a mountain, ” he added.

The actor said he was very impressed with the maturity of his character and how the series traces his journey as a man and a single parent.

He is someone who has faced a lot of hardships since childhood. When the story begins he has a new responsibility of playing as a single parent, taking care of his children in a very inhospitable world. I found that significant. ” Brody said taking a show like ‘Chapelwaite’, in a lot of ways, was ‘a leap of faith’.

Unlike the idea of ​​making a film, which requires several rounds of script discussion, Brody said he was immediately drawn to the idea of ​​”Chapelwaite” without fully realizing it.

He said the decision was the result of trusting the instincts of producer Donald De Line and “Chapelwaite” writers Jason Filardi and Peter Filardi.

I believed that embarking on a project that had not been fully explained at the time of accepting it was a leap of faith. Normally, if you’re making a movie, you’ve most likely read a script a few times, met the director, or know his work, have a chat with him about how he plans to portray your character …

But episodic labor is different. You have several directors, the work is evolving. I signed on as an executive producer and helped nurture the vision I had hoped for and support theirs. It is an act of faith, but it is also a belief in the people with whom I will collaborate and who I can help steer the ship, if need be, “he added.

Also starring ‘Schitt’s Creek’ star Emily Hampshire, the series is slated to air on Sony LIV from Monday.

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