7 Android apps that let you customize your phone’s keyboard and fonts

Sometimes your phone’s default keypad can be a bit boring. Gray buttons, basic font, not for everyone. However, there are apps that let you replace and customize your phone’s keyboard and font as you like.

So here are the seven best Android apps that help you customize your keyboard, as well as find original and unique fonts.

1. Gboard

Gboard, powered by Google, is a great option if you are looking to find fun and unique keyboard themes for your smartphone.

With Gboard you can find simple colorful keyboards, or get a little creative with its range of nature-themed boards. You can also find awesome gradient keyboards. Gboard’s built-in theme support also lets you use your own images as keyboard backgrounds.

There are a number of other features offered by Gboard that go beyond single keyboards, including voice and swipe typing. In addition, a built-in Google search functionality is included in Gboard, which makes it easy to access the web quickly.

To download: Gboard (free)

2. Microsoft Swift Key

Microsoft’s SwiftKey app works the same as Gboard, in that it has a range of solid color and gradient keyboard themes for you to choose from.

You can also create your own custom keyboard theme, giving you the option to add your own image to the keyboard background and select your own keyboard preferences.

All of these themes are free and easy to download.

You can also customize your keyboard even further by adding your own photos to create a keyboard of your own. SwiftKey also supports GIFs and emojis, so you’ll be able to use media just like you would with your phone’s default keyboard.

To download: Microsoft SwiftKey (free)

3. Keyboard themes for Android

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Keyboard Themes for Android is a keyboard replacement app that offers a range of different themes from cute to futuristic to indie.

You can choose from many different categories to specify your search, including trending themes and a journal of your favorite themes.

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However, you will often have to watch an ad for each theme you want to download, so keep that in mind. This app is also better suited for those who want bold themes, rather than those who are more understated.

To download: Keyboard themes for Android (free in-app purchases available)

4. LED keypad

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LED Keyboard app offers a wide range of different keyboards, themes and wallpapers, of all aesthetics and styles. These range from bold to discreet and adapt to all preferences.

You can use the categories in the app to specify your search, which allows you to search by color, gradient, wallpaper, etc. You can save your favorite themes so you can come back to them whenever you want.

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You can also check out the font options if you want to change the font style of your keyboard, as well as the theme. The application offers around thirty different fonts to choose from.

To download: LED keypad (Free in-app purchases available)

5. Keyboard design

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Design Keyboard is a keyboard app with hundreds of different themes for all style preferences.

The app offers a wide range of categories, from summer to simple to hand drawing. You can also just choose a keyboard by color, rather than themes. As with the other apps mentioned here, you can save some themes that you can come back to whenever you want.

The app also offers GIF themes for your phone, including those of beaches, sunrises, food, animation, and more. And you can also choose from a range of still photo themes if moving themes are not your thing.

To download: Designer keyboard (Free in-app purchases available)

6. Fonts

The Fonts application gives you access to many different fonts and symbols. Rather than focusing on keyboard themes, this app gives you access to more interesting fonts and cute or unusual symbols to use while texting or on your social media pages.

With this app you will find some of the best known fonts like Serif, Typewriter and Script while also being able to access fun and interesting symbols of animals, emojis, etc. You can even access more artistic fonts, such as Gothic, Clouds, and Manga.

To download: Fonts (free)

7. Fontboard

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The Fontboard app is similar to the previously mentioned Fonts app, in that it allows you to type inline in different fonts, even in social media apps like Instagram or Twitter that usually don’t allow changes to police.

You can choose from several different fonts including space, arches, glyphs, and more. However, some fonts in the app are limited to its premium version, which will cost you around $ 6 per month.

But only about half of the 99 fonts on offer are locked, so you won’t be too limited with the basic free version of the app.

To download: Fontboard (Free in-app purchases available)

One important thing to note

Something very important to keep in mind is that replacement keyboards can see what you are typing. So if you are worried about it, it is better to avoid these apps and find other ways to personalize your phone.

However, if you don’t mind that factor, you can find great keyboard themes on these apps, letting you customize your phone as you like.

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