2000s scene raccoon tail hair makes a comeback

Now we thought this year brought back big highlights in every way imaginable. We’ve seen it all, from the black streaks of Cristina Aguilera in the early 2000s to the two-tone bangs that frame the face. But thanks in large part to TikTok, emo and stage culture is making a comeback, as are horizontal highlights (aka raccoon tail hair), although thankfully the look is a little different this time around in 2021.

If you were on Tumblr in the golden age of stage culture (early 2000s), you would have come across the glorious world of two color clip in hair extensions. Usually black (because, of course, emo) and another lighter color, these gave a horizontal effect and were usually cut into the lower layers of hair or in wide bangs. With this decade underway kicking off with a hype for the “brutes of the 1920s” and a call to bring back the MySpace culture (there was even a petition), nostalgic trends in emo and stage culture from the early 2000s are sure to return. After Instagram went down on October 4, the return of MySpace seems more likely than ever. So start ranking your eight best friends and fire up your hair straightener. But luckily for us, it looks like horizontal highlights have taken a much more subtle renaissance.

Two-tone hair has circulated in various ways over the past couple of years, it has even been endorsed by Dua Lipa on the cover of her album Future Nostalgia. Now’s is coming back as a dip-dye for fall. On the sidelines of the trend, some people are getting more creative, opting for more voluminous highlights. Most often people compare the trend to the end of a raccoon tail, while the artist wig Tomihiro Kono compared it to Polish Viennese Ice Cream.

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The revival has already received designer approval, as Collina Strada’s SS22 runway show at New York Fashion Week featured a clip variation, as well as larger highlights. Off the track, colorful party clips are the perfect temporary fix. Wider blonde (or lighter brown) horizontal highlights are a more subtle everyday look for those excited to try out the IRL trend.

Raccoon tail hair has the added benefit of not having to deal with regrowth as highlights or weak spots grow like your hair. You can also go for the investments of your choice without worrying about following the usual hair rules, as this trend clearly bends to none. Who says highlights can’t also be diagonal? At this point, anything goes.

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